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  1. Maybe Jeep should be using this for their ads?

    With Jeeps recent desire to cut even more corners and save costs to the point there they are just photo shopping the previous model years... maybe they should just use this video as the perfect add for what a full stock, non-rubicon Wrangler can actually do.
  2. Impact wench advice for control arms

    I ordered the mopar lower control arms to see if that helps with the wandering steering, as others have reported success with that. The install seems about as easy as it gets, but low and behold, I found it that I was unable to loosen the bolt to get the old ones off. I have a cheap impact...
  3. Flooded Wrangler on Matt's Offroad recovery.. Was it you?

    Just curious who's jeep this was and whether or not it still works..
  4. It's time of year again.. Jeep people post your snow pics! ☃️❄️

    We are hearing all over the news that the great lakes region and east coast have record snow storms. Surely some of you have some pictures to make us snow deficient folks jealous.
  5. Anyone have East coast "snow bomb" photos?

    I've been hearing in the news over here that there was a massive snow storm on the East coast. I have not seen anyone uploading any photos so far. Surely, there are some east coast Jeepers out there wanting to make everyone jealous of driving around in a huge snow storm! Post some photos.
  6. Off roading in Europe

    Hi all, I am starting the ground work to plan an off road / overlanding trip in Europe. (or UK) However, I am stuck on the classical problem. Where in the hell can you off road in Europe? In Germany there is basically zero options. There are a couple off road parks, but I have no interest in...
  7. Jeep Compass head restraints on a Wrangler?

    Does anyone happen to own a Compass and a wrangler? I am wondering if the Compass head restraints can be used on the Wrangler front seats. For me, the Wrangler restraints are about as uncomfortable as you can get. Driving around this Compass rental car, I noticed the head restraints can be...
  8. Anyone installed a washer fluid heater?

    This morning, while scraping the ice off my windows, I was thinking about installing a fluid heater on one of the AUX switches. I have had heated windows, but never heated fluid, so I am curious if they actually work or not. Anyone ever install something like the below link on their Jeep ...
  9. Which one of you was this? $100K Jeep flooded and totaled in the river

    I am sure that the owner of this Jeep in on here. Let's hear the story! Also, Matt and his crew seem like good folks.
  10. What do you think of the INEOS Grenadier?

    I have to say, the dash layout is fantastic. This is what everyone wished the new defender to be.
  11. 2.2L no longer available

    Has anyone else seen that the 2.2L is discontinued? Pretty disappointing. I drove both the 2.0L and the 2.2D and found the power delivery of the 2.2D far better than the the petrel engine. Admittedly, the petrel engine was significantly quieter. You can now only get the 2.0L petrel engine...
  12. maps update for anyone in EU?

    Has anyone ever gotten a map update on their system yet? Where I live, we already have a few newly opening highways which are not covered on the 2018-19 database. I have never been able to find anything online though since uconnects EU site is so terrible . Has anyone ever managed to log into...
  13. Water unlocks the doors

    As I washing the Jeep this weekend, I noticed that if I had the keys in my pocket with the doors locked, then I rinsed the door handle off, the proximity sensor unlocks the door. I also tried to simulate rain with the hose and found this also would unlock my door. So, for anyone who was...
  14. stop getting emails

    Does anyone know how to stop getting email notifications for watched threads? Every time I reply, it automatically sets the thread to watched, then I get an email. I like the little bell on the webpage, but the constant emails are really annoying.
  15. Non standard uses for AUX switches

    Since I drive a Jeep, I tend to be light on the right foot and as a result, I am a bit slower than some others. Around these parts, drivers can be rather aggressive and are quick to tail-gate. This got me thinking. I need a James Bond style oil slick. This of course would be a illegal, but...
  16. Creeping forward at stop lights

    Has anyone else noticed that you need to keep the brake peddle pushed quite hard when stopped, else you will start slowly creeping forward. My JK, nor either TJs did that. My CJ did, but that thing had bottle caps for brakes. I wonder if the tazzer could implement something like auto-hold...
  17. uconnect update checking in EU

    Has anyone managed to check online if there are updates to the 8" uconnect system? I have found that the site is a total cluster fuck and was never able to do. I have heard that it is impossible to update your system on your own how they do in the US, but we must rather go to the dealer. I...
  18. Running rough on startup

    Has anyone else noticed that the engine is a bit rough upon starting when it's cold outside? Seems to last only 5-10 seconds and then it's smooth again. Wonder if it is just mine and something is wrong or normal behavior.
  19. possessed automatic night / day mode

    Does anyone else have an issue with the auto dimming of the infotainment system around dusk? Mine cannot decide if it thinks it's dark or light outside and keeps alternating in between a several times a minute. It is very annoying and distracting. I normally just adjust the dial to full...
  20. Load range Metric

    Hello all, can anyone tell me how a C load range BFG tire would compare with the metric values given on this tire? 255/75 R17 111 / 108S . I know that the most comfortable ride for the Jeep would be on C rated tired and that E would be way too hard for that I do, but in Europe you get...