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  1. ROKBLOKZ mud flaps, any good?

    Would you mind posting a pic of the mud flaps on your XR from further back to see how they look? I'm getting an XR as well.
  2. Vanity Plate Poll

    Thx everyone!!! Much appreciated. Gonna put a regular plate on until I name it. Then I'll play around with the plate.
  3. Vanity Plate Poll

    got a Willys XR...XR is available as well
  4. Vanity Plate Poll

    Agreed...I have thought about that a lot. Very good point.
  5. Vanity Plate Poll

    No worries...that advice is needed. Thx
  6. Vanity Plate Poll

    Thinking about a vanity tag for my Jeep. I can do WRNGLR, JEEP 41, or no vanity tag at all. Both are available. Thoughts? Thx!
  7. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    It's being hand-built...gonna be perfect.
  8. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Yeah, Jeep Chat is simply someone pushing 1, 2, or 3 on their end to give you an automated response about whatever you are asking. They keep pushing 1 for me...in the scheduling phase...I want them to push 2. Haha
  9. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Maybe call Tom? They probably have the most up-to-date info. Jeep Chat seems a bit behind. Good luck!!!
  10. "Manager's Special"

    $5k above msrp...and for a 2021, not even 2022. What a special!
  11. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    I think they (Chapman) have to do things on their end within 10-14 days of arrival per FCA. When it is a factory order for a customer, I believe they have only a window of time to sell it to that customer to keep the price protected. I think.
  12. Halogen to LED Tail Light Replacement 2021 Willys

    I got the same one from ExtremeTerrain...I reviewed them and posted pictures mentioning the scrape on the side (definitely from production)...my pictures and review have not been posted yet and it has been a while. Figured I'd let others know before they buy them. They can decide if it will...
  13. Delaware Sold: WTB: JL OEM Fuel Door (Fuel)

    Wanted: JL OEM Fuel Door that says Fuel on it. Thanks.
  14. Delaware Sold: i

  15. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    I ordered from chapman...got the poc right away with von. Then a day later got vin. Says sold to me on the bottom of the poc. Got an email with the price and percent off and them saying they'll honor it. Very easy process. They sell a million of them.
  16. Massachusetts OEM fuel door

    If not sold yet, I will take it. Can pay via Paypal or Venmo.
  17. How do you wash your Jeep in the winter

    Ha! If I see the water freezing on the ground I'm done.. I got the xr package so probably 12+ inches wide...good pt about tire width