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  1. 2 door rubicon height?

    Hello friends, I will be driving my new 2 door rubicon back from GA in the safety of an enclosed trailer to avoid destroying the windshield in the first 24 hrs of owning it. To that end, I was hoping someone could give me a real world height measurement of the tallest part of a 2 door...
  2. 2022 6 speed.. from Japan?

    Hey guys and gals. I was just staring at my window sticker waiting on my Jeep to arrive and noticed something. The 6 speed transmission country of origin... is Japan. Has that always been the case?
  3. TJ Canyon style?

    Anyone know of a JL compatible wheel in the vein of the old TJ canyons as pictured? I think they would rad on my Gobi 2 door.
  4. Earl and Reign colors officially coming this year (late availability)!

    Purple fans, rejoice! Earl grey(gray? Blue? Green?) Fans rejoice!
  5. Mall of Georgia tracking thread

    For all those with Jeeps on order with Mall of Georgia, post up the order dates and status! Shout out to Mike, he makes buying Jeeps easy. [email protected] EDIT A couple people asked me for pricing, it's 6% under invoice currently if you finance with them, and have affiliate code. (So...
  6. 4.88 manual?

    Anyone rocking the 4.88's manual with 33's? Ordered my Gobi 2 dr Rubi with them knowing I would go with at least 35's sooner than later, just wondering if anyone has rocked the stock 33's for a bit who can give real world feedback. Everyone says the 4.11's are fine, my last Jeep was a JK with...
  7. Photoshop request-GOBI 2 dr

    With the impending release of Gobi at some point for MY2022, can we call upon the photoshop wizards to mock up a 2dr JL in GOBI? Thank you in advance, we gobi fans will sing of your contributions for millenia.
  8. No more red rubi dash?

    Is there anything definitive out there that the Rubicon no longer comes with the red dash standard, and is now getting the grey? I feel like I have seen it in a few places now. EDIT I'm an idiot, the thread in question clearly said 4XE.
  9. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Full disclaimer this is not helping Jeep pick a new color, as they only care about shades of grey. That's a joke. This thread is for all those who are never content with what Jeep offers in colors to share color samples of what they WISH Jeep would offer. Fair game is any color from the past...
  10. Tan leather color changed?

    Has the JL tan leather interior changed since launch? The most recent pics I have seen look darker than the older pics. Is it just me or is the leather darker now? Old pic: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/attachments/20180602_093245-jpg.52563/
  11. Knock knock, new colors?

    Any word on new colors? Any leaks? All eyes waiting for the new order guide, just curious if anyone has the goods =]
  12. Request: Mojito w/ Tan leather

    Anyone have a Mojito with tan leather interior pic they can share? Debating about pulling trigger on a gecko and this would help visualize how it goes with the green. Thank you!
  13. Earl color photoshop request

    Anyone with good photoshop skills want to take a shot at a 2 door rubicon in the new rumored "earl" color from the farout concept? I am sure a lot of people including myself would love to see a render while we wait for it to come out!
  14. 2 door Rubi build feedback

    After going back and forth on my build for weeks and keeping an eye on 2022 dates and news of the XTREMEEE Recon package not even an option for 2 doors, this is what I have come up with. -only thing I am undecided on is color, currently Hydro or White lead on current available. -adding gorilla...