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  1. 50ah lifpo4

    I don't know much about wiring and batteries, but I want to add a 50ah lifpo4 battery under my rear seat and not have to wire it to main battery. Would it be feasible to mount under the seat and run wires to a solar panel for charging? Mostly I just want this to run the fridge. I'd like to use...
  2. Contemplating a RTT

    I'm not a big fan of RTTs, as it raises center of gravity, as well as reduce mpg (range matters, as I'll spend all day/night exploring when I camp). But I'm not getting younger and health is slowly deteriorating from medical issues. I seem to be doing less rock crawling as well, preferring the...
  3. Voswitch not powering

    Just installed a voswitch jl400. Power and ground are plugged in, but won't turn on in acc/on/engine running. Why isn't it powering on? What did I miss?
  4. Finally got my wiring for my lights

    Morimoto finally sent my pigtail. They emailed saying this won't work with my bigbanger and that I should buy the entire harness kit. Is this true? Someone told me that this pigtail was all I needed to wire them to my aux switch.
  5. Towing related question

    I will be moving in a month. I am planning to rent a uhaul trailer. I was looking at trailer hitch with ball, 2" What sort do I need? I have a 4" lift and 37s. I will likely only use it once as I don't tow anything, so nothing expensive, but nothing dangerously cheap either.
  6. My jeeps dead

    Went to start it this morning. Brakes were hard, and engine didn't click or anything. Instrument cluster went haywire and windshieldbwiper went off. Plugged in a battery jump starter. Started making clicking noises around the fuse box. Then stopped. Jeep has no power whatsoever. I read...
  7. Show off your bumper mounted light pods

    I got new light pods and trying to figure out where the best location for them will be. Stock steel bumper. I noticed that one of the spots to put the pods, gets in the way of a strap going on the tow hooks, the pods and mount are a bit on the big side. Currently have a light bar, but will be...
  8. Brake pads make a difference?

    Will hawk brake pads make any difference in stopping power? I have 37" tires and rented a stock wrangler and when I got back in my jeep, I noticed a massive difference in stopping power. I know I'll need a big brake kit down the road, but ordered hawk pads for the moment.
  9. 20" bar on steel bumper

    I'm going to be ordering the baja design s8 20" to my stock steel bumper. The mounts don't line up with the bolts on the bumper. I saw this 'cradle' mount. Anyone have this? How else could I go about installing the light onto the bumper?
  10. Wiring roofrack lights to engine?

    I'm trying to install some lights on my roofrack and wire then to the engine. I cannot find picture or videos of how to do this WITHOUT drilling into hard top. Also I have the diesel, so the firewall is nearly impossible to access. Is there another way? Spent days looking. Can I see your...
  11. Steering

    Planning on steer smarts yeti xd tie rod and drag link. I can't find out if they work with the exodiesel or not. Sent a message but never got one back. Also want dynatrac ball joints. I'm unable to work on my jeep being disabled. What would be the average cost to install those 3 at once?
  12. Fuel can options

    I can't seem to find the sort of mount I want for my JL. I prefer a jerry can, as they don't have to be burped (so I'm told). But I can't find a way to mount a 5 gallon jerry can. I have seen the ones that mount in front of the spare, but blocks rear view camera, and just don't like the body...
  13. Installed Pedal Monster.

    Install was very simple and took maybe 15 minutes. It works great and very glad I got it. Is it necessary to remove for dealer oil changes? Seems like it would be annoying to do everytime I went in for oil changes. I only go to dealer because they provide free oil changes, it is very...
  14. Adding a subwoofer

    I have a subwoofer sitting in my basement collecting dust. Is it a simple 'add amp and sub' deal to the upgraded alpine in my JL?
  15. Whats your rev at @ 65 mph?

    I have 37" tires, on the freeway, in 8th gear, it stays at 1600 rpm. Is that ideal or do I need to regear? Still on stock 3.73.
  16. Larger spare tire (37")

    I purchased my jeep that had some parts on it. It has tailgate reinforcement, but unsure if there's a relocation mount or not. Could anyone tell by looking at it? I'm wanting to mount 37" tires on 17x9 wheel. Currently has stock spare on new wheel.
  17. Will suspension settle over time?

    I got a 3.5" lift for my 37s but it gained much more than that. Makes the tires look small. Will they settle or sag over time? Or do I have to start adding weight haha!
  18. Suspension question for ecodiesel

    I'm about to install a new lift. Is our stock suspension worth anything or just give away/throw away? Think I read that the ecodiesel suspension has different springs in front to accommodate the heavier engine..
  19. 3.5 mid arm game changer review?

    Anyone here have the mid arm game changer? How do you like it? Do you wish you went with long arm instead? With I could find videos on offroad reviews, but it's either an install video, or the long arm. I went with the rock sport (I think that's the name) shocks and not the 6 pack.
  20. Where did my tire pressure guage go?

    I cannot find what pressure my tires are at.. On the console, I've looked at every possible option, but no tire pressure. Is it because of tazer?