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  1. Front bumper hoop mod

    Another different angle. Tom
  2. Front bumper hoop mod

    Close up side view.
  3. Front bumper hoop mod

    A half inch thick spacer is all it took. I did not need to trim the bumper or grill shell. I did trim the ends off of the panel that attaches to the back top of the bumper. And slotted the lower two bolt holes in the lower plastic skid plate cover.
  4. Steering Service Bulletin Denied - Advice Please

    Set your tire air pressure to 35 psi and put a couple hundred miles on the new tires to wear them in some. Reevaluate after this. Tom
  5. Rubicon suspension with RC level kit on JL sport

    Hi All, I used the Daystar 3/4 inch spacers on all four corners. With the springs mentioned above I got a pretty level front to rear balance. On some new rubber toyo open country ATIII'S 285/75 R17 - I'm measuring 39 inches to the bottom lip of my front fender 39 1/4 at the rear measured at...
  6. Bicycle Rack Compatible with JL Rear Camera ?

    Old threads are difficult to search out here... I posted this a while ago. This set up is rock solid I've been using it like this for two seasons now. Tom
  7. Modified Thule tire mount bike rack

    Sorry late to respond. The arms do not fold anymore once it's strapped down.
  8. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    Toyo Open Country ATIII 285/75 R17 C Load rated. Only a couple hundred dry miles so far. Will update with Michigan wet/snow opinion when it happens. Noise 9 Ride 8 Dry 8 Look 9 Overall 8.5 These are on a Sport S V6 Manual. Rubicon take off springs 61/62 front and 90/91 rear, 209/210 shocks...
  9. Rubicon suspension with RC level kit on JL sport

    Thanks! Ride is slightly stiffer. But the tires seems to roll over bumps better due the larger diameter. No rubing lots of room. Almost make wish I went with 315's but these look perfect on the Rubicon wheels. Poke out is good too. A little outboard of the fender up front. Just even at the...
  10. Rubicon suspension with RC level kit on JL sport

    Everything the same as above but now with Rubicon wheels and 285/75 (34") Toyo Open Country ATIII'S. 3.5 inch lift overall from stock height.
  11. Rubicon suspension with RC level kit on JL sport

    After lift photo with 245/75 Duelers. Rubicon take off springs 61/62 front and 90/91 rear, 209/210 shocks with Daystar .75 spacers on my Sport S. Got a nice 2.5 front 2.0 rear inch lift. Almost perfectly level front to rear at the lip of the fenders. I also added the Mopar lift front lower...
  12. 285/75/17

    There is already a posting on this size. Tom
  13. How is the soft top in the winter? (real winter)

    Native Michigander. I ran with my soft top the first winter with no problems. The big issue for me is l like to keep my vehicles washed frequently especially in winter. I picked up a hardtop for the winter, so no worries with automatic car washes. Get both tops if ordering new. Tom
  14. If FCA Said We Will BuyBack Your Jeep - What Would You Get?

    I'm sorry for your situation. July 2018 JLU Sport V6 Manual 30k and zero issues or failures of any kind. Now on a Rubicon suspension. If I totaled it I would buy the exact vehicle again with my own money. If I was Prince Philips it would be a Rubicon. My personal opinion in general on this...
  15. Michigan 2019 Wheels For Sale

    I'm interested. Can you contact me if these are still available? Thanks Tom
  16. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Maybe this has already been posted? From the Detoit Free Press yesterday. Race truck but you get a pretty good idea. BTW several here at work have had utter failure with the turbos on their truck eco boost v6's. Fail replace fail replace... All have traded them off for Dodges and Chevys...
  17. What is front grill made of?

    Try a little Frank's next time? Everything is better with a little hot sauce on it...
  18. What is front grill made of?

    Ok... It's plastic :=) Tom
  19. What is front grill made of?

    Stick your tongue on it? Double dog dare you...
  20. Where did you mount your 7 or 4 pin bracket?

    Native Michigander here. This was the most protected location i could come up with. Maybe the most difficult to install too... Measure carefully and the wiring will enter the open end of the frame tube and can be routed up thru the storage bin drain. Tom