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  1. Torx bolt size for front bumper?

    Hello group, what is the correct size for the front bumper torx bolt? I have the Rubicon front bumper on our 2019 MOAB. M8 x 1.25mm x ? also have a good source for buying them? (I'm sure the dealership...) :)
  2. Post a screenshot of your average MPG here!

    It all depends... if Wifey is driving, Low... If I drive, I get a much higher MPG... Must be a Jeep/Chick thingy.... :-)
  3. What CB channel for Jeepers?

    Whichever the one that the "Bandit" is on.... "East bound and down....."
  4. Rubicon steel bumper fillers and backing plates

    Nice! you've given me something to consider printing! many thanks!
  5. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    If you're talking about this Jeep, it can be. Depending on your duty cycle. I run my PLA printed vehicles generally inside my home. So not so much of a chance to get into issues, (for needing "super" strength). But, these printers can print much more durable plastics. I'm just not willing to...
  6. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    Buddy, if you haven't seen this, check it out. I use "OctoPrint" to help manage my 3D printer. It IS a cool tool! Check this out. I use Octoprint, via a Raspberry PI, to help manage my print projects that are underway. Works like a champ! (Agreed regarding ABS, hence...
  7. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    You bet buddy! I'm using a Creality CR-10s, but with ton's of mods to improve it! (There is a wealth of information on how to mod this particular 3D printer). I've printed everything out via PLA filament. I'm having real good luck with the Hatchbox, via Amazon. If you follow the Ossum Willy's...
  8. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    I'm sure much better than mine. I have teammates in Guadalajara, though they must speak English (for work), but will "school" me if I try to speak Spanish to them. ;)
  9. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    Interesting, and cool catch! (did not know that!)
  10. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    ¡Compartiré más pronto! :)
  11. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    thanks! you bet, I'll post some more updates as they come. Do check out the Ossum Willy's (and 1/10 mods), via
  12. Newest member to our Jeep family, (Willy's!)

    Hola group, Just wanted to share a new edition to our growing Jeep family. It's been taking me a bit to create and "mod" her. A nice 1/10 Willy's, via my 3D printer. Hoping to have her ready for the trails in the next couple of months. I'll be adding the R/C components soon. For grins, I...
  13. Why no Jeep wave down in the Florida Keys?

    oh dear... I guess the smiley face was not carried over as having a little fun.... ;)
  14. 2019 "Saharacon" Mod thread

    you sound like my Wifey-pooh.... she said the same thing. :);) "Red?!?!..." I said to her that in no time, we'll be scrapping off that red on the trails... (Which also got me another "look"). :whew::angel:
  15. 2019 "Saharacon" Mod thread

    Just put on the next mod. A Rancho glide plate for the front diff. (Used blue loc-tite, instead of the supplied "red sauce" they included). Fitment was all cool.
  16. How to self jump

    thank you for the link! all the more why I hate this d*mn ESS! :-)
  17. When my JL (Odometer) turned 1941 :)

    Just joined the club! Woot!!!