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  1. Pinging clock sound behind steering column in 4Low when turning

    Thanks for the info. I will try and get used to it I guess but it does sound as if something is popping or a spring is “off”. Guess I will feel better when I can find another Jeep around and hear the same sound in their steering.
  2. Pinging clock sound behind steering column in 4Low when turning

    Took my new Rubicon off road for a “newbie” Jeep owner club event to learn. Mine does the same thing making similar noises. To me it seems to be in the steering column or lower. Pinging and popping. My sound was almost like a spring popping when being stretched. The steering also very...
  3. Rear window rattling

    Any update?
  4. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Great photo! Can’t wait to get my Punkn Jeep up to Bailey Island one day. My wife’s family has a place there and have been visiting multiple times per year for 25 years. Truly a beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing the pic!
  5. Can dealer add LED package?

    ... in the same boat... got all the options I wanted excepted LED package. The MOPAR option is nice but would like to save $$$ if there are other good options, I’d love to hear?
  6. Rear window rattling

    Great! Thanks for the info and pic!
  7. Rear window rattling

    @Rhinebeck01, thanks for that. I will plan on switching to bulb grease if this fix is short lived as you experienced. O’Reilleys today had bulb grease, but they wanted $2 bucks for a packet the size of a ketchup or mustard packet at the ball game. I’ll check Home Depot for a better option...
  8. Rear window rattling

    After two weeks of ownership,mine developed said rattle. Applied liberal amount of the sil-glyde and seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Great looking Jeep!
  10. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Great pics! enjoy the new ride. I also went to Idaho and got a MUCH better deal. Plus the drive back was FUN!
  11. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Joined the club 10 days ago. “Punkn Pete” was purchased in Boise and enjoyed sometime in Utah at Moab, home to CO to play in the snow and then today a long drive from Colorado back to North Texas for a visit before going back to CO. Can’t wait to see all the Punkn mods and get it on the trails!
  12. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Colorado this afternoon.
  13. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Utah behind me and today was snow in Colorado. Great day and more fun than the Super Bowl I can assure you!
  14. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    72 hours of ownership and I’m wondering why I didn’t do this years ago! Thursday was a visit through Moab and today will be up the snowy La Plata canyon here in Durango. New, Numb and Dumb but excited to learn this Jeep and start making memories
  15. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    New to Jeeping and new to the forum. I picked mine up this week and am obviously excited. 35’s already added and visit to Moab in the books. Looking forward to learning and wheeling with the Rubicon!