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  1. Photograph of the Month Contest - January 2019

    Albuquerque Sandia mountains. First snow
  2. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    It’s not bad. But it’s more fun to hide IN the mud.
  3. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    Well, new update. Took my Rubicon in to have the steering wheel replace today (that’s what the dealer told me it needed). And when they put the new wheel on, it still didn’t work. After they dug a little deeper,they found a loose wire that wasn’t snapped in all the way (from factory). So...
  4. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    Well, I took my jeep in for an oil change and told them about the steering wheel. They ran a few tests on it and came to the conclusion that the steering wheel is bad. They are replacing the entire steering wheel. Crazy
  5. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    Thanks everyone. Even though it was pretty chilly at 4am with doors off on my way to work, guess I’ll wait to see when it’s colder outside. I think this am it was around 55 without the wind.
  6. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    It does not even stay on long enough for it to get warm. The light turns on for about three seconds and then it shuts off automatically. It worked in Arizona in 100° weather when I bought it
  7. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    That’s what I was thinking. But my doors are off, and I drive to work at 4 AM in the morning. It’s been a little chilly outside at that hour. And when I first purchased it in Arizona It worked n 100° weather when I wanted to see what it felt like LOL
  8. Heated steering wheel won’t stay on

    Wondering if anybody is experiencing what I am. I turn on the heated steering wheel either with the button or from the screen. It stays on for about three seconds, and then shuts off. It never stays on. Anybody?
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I went for coffee this morning and found this beauty. The colors in person were very close. But I have no idea what year it is.
  10. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Welcome to the punk’n page. I agree about lack of modding due to its such an expensive Jeep. I’ve put 35’s on. Hoop on steel bumper and a few small things. Now... where do I add my bottle opener? Hmmmm
  11. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Quick outing just out of Albuquerque
  12. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    New Mexico? That’s where myself and my punk’n JLUR live. Find any good trails? Santa Fe or near Albuquerque?
  13. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I bet punk’n will still be there for the first part of the 19’s. Fingers crossed for you man!!! :fingerscrossed:
  14. Looks like UK Jeeps have Offroad Pages...

    Ok. That’s what I figured was going on. Thank you
  15. Looks like UK Jeeps have Offroad Pages...

    I’m confused. I’ve had my Rubicon for about eight weeks now. And when I was out in the mountains this past weekend I was able to see the pitch and roll on my dash cluster. Am I missing something?
  16. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    FINALLY was able to get out in the mountains. Fire restrictions were lifted. And I got her all dirty. Felt AWESOME!!!!
  17. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Slapped some 35’s on mine. I’ve had mine since Memorial weekend but have not taken it to the mountains yet. All of our mountain trails are closed due to fire hazard. :(
  18. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I agree. I’m hoping at some point I can order them.
  19. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Yup, that was it. Lol
  20. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Ordered feb 13th! Drove from Albuquerque to Scottsdale for a great deal. Taking detours and a few days to get home. And the JL...? ITS AWESOME.