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  1. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Im going to start that trend, <happy to announce that NO PROBLEMS TODAY!!!> actually I haven't had any problems with it since I got it 10 months ago, but also haven't done much to it, no lift, no tires-wheels just a couple of cosmetic things. It is my very first JLU and a lease so I didn't know...
  2. Bottle opener?

    you can always use the seat belt clip
  3. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    did you take in consideration the larger diameter? did you flash the new tire size? because of the larger diameter it would read less miles traveled as compared to stock tires
  4. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    I would think they would sound better, maybe because they are not directed to you and the dash ones are, now that you mention it I don't really hear the knee panel speakers but I do the dash speakers
  5. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    I did Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5" 75W Reference Series for all fronts and sound bar tweeter and Infinity REF-4022cfx 105W 4" for the knee panel JBL CLUB4020 4" 180W Club Series for the soundbar they pair and sound great! but had to add a subwoofer since they can't handle too much bass, now I...
  6. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    I entered, needs a rooftop tent for overlanding
  7. Florida WTB: 7in or 8.4in radio

    are you going to sell your 7.0" ??
  8. Florida WTB: 7in or 8.4in radio

    do you have pictures ? and how much are you asking for it
  9. No Audio - 2020 Wrangler JL

    have you shut your jeep completely off ? sometimes I loose sound from my front speakers and have to turn the ignition off wait a few seconds then when I start it again the sound is there. I noticed it happened when I start the jeep and the volume is turned up too loud the front speakers just pop...
  10. Florida WTB: 7in or 8.4in radio

    you've got a second buyer here for your 7
  11. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    It's the same people that say OOh Samsung galaxy copied apple iphone !!! :swear:
  12. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Why would that be a downside to those of us who lease ??? on the contrary, the residual price will go down because of the competition and if you want to keep your wrangler for a few more years you will do it at a lower residual price. It happened to me with my 2013 grand Cherokee at the end of...
  13. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    How do you like this ? 2.0L Turbo stock (31-inch wheels). This is probably mostly freeway miles (i'd say 97 %) with 89 octane gasoline at 70 miles an hour on cruise control, and an up and down freeway I'm at sea level but with some hills. 27.5 miles per gallon !!!!
  14. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    The fuel savings is bogus, because if my calculations are semi-right and using an average of $3.75 gallon for regular gas and diesel (San Diego CA prices but I assume the ratio would be similar in other places) it would take you driving the jeep diesel 91,261 miles (compared to 2.0L engine)...
  15. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    Not bad huh? With 89 octane Freeway miles jlu 2.0L turbo (Sorry I had 80 octane before is 89)
  16. Headliners - Are they worth it?

    I did it in a plastic cooler top which is hollow to see if it would increase the insulation and it worked, the pressure that the foam exerts is nothing, I just opened a couple of small holes on opposite ends and I stopped spraying when the foam came out from the other holes and as it expanded it...
  17. Headliners - Are they worth it?

    has anyone tried to fill the voids in the front removable tops with "great-stuff insulating foam", by drilling two small holes (one hole in and one hole out at the opposite end for air to get out) just big enough to insert the nozzle and filling the hollow gaps between the exterior layer and...
  18. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    entered!! does it have a roof tent?
  19. best oil filter for 2.0 turbo?

    I am guessing that you have to add a little more oil than the regular 5 quarts?