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  1. Radio Won’t Shut off

    Happy 4th Holiday to everyone !! Getting home earlier I noticed that the radio wasn’t turning off, even after the jeep was off and the door was open … I turned the jeep on and off again and it stayed on … didn’t think anything of it and then went back out half hour later and radio was still on...
  2. Destroyed MBZ Sprinter = JLU Rubicon 4xe build

    Thank you ! I appreciate the info
  3. Destroyed MBZ Sprinter = JLU Rubicon 4xe build

    How did you end up making out with the sounds and rust with the jcr roof rack?
  4. Best Convertible Car Seats?

    Installed the Evenflow 360 Design is awesome ! Couldn’t be easier to install and seems like good quality … can’t speak to durability but it comes with a lifetime guarantee
  5. Best Convertible Car Seats?

    Unusable -not fit to be used. My wife is 5’2 so in my opinion the space and fitment of the seat in the picture (rear facing) is unusable lol
  6. Best Convertible Car Seats?

    Congratulations!! and Gods Speed lol When our son was born and we spent the first two weeks home (we have no family to help) I realized that behind all of the smiles and congratulations from people when we announced her pregnancy … there was a little “welcome to the thunder dome) behind it lol...
  7. Best Convertible Car Seats?

    Hey everyone, This isn’t necessarily a jeep related question but since there are a lot of family oriented folks on here I figured I would ask (apologize if there is a detailed thread couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for). Our son is only 9 months old but he is 32 inches and 25 pounds 🧐...
  8. Unrepairable 2021 wrangler

    I’m sure this is an extremely frustrating situation, this is a good place to get a good vent session in but I wouldn’t necessarily take the advice of a lot of stuff that is posted on here … This won’t help you much now and may never be helpful but I’ve learned that over the years one of the...
  9. 2023 Rubicon JL - Two Door - Finally ordered

    $1800 for an extra 4 gallons of gas?
  10. Baja Designs - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Thank you
  11. Baja Designs - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    What are the lights in the top picture in the middle of the bumper? I am looking amber lights to mount upside down on my bull bar

    I understand your point … but the one thing I have had to comes to terms with is that you are paying the “luxury car” price for the bad-ass-ness of the jeep. A luxury car won’t do what the jeep can do … and a jeep won’t have the same fit and finish as a luxury car. If you want both you need to...

    We have the same issue with our black leather seats … it didn’t bother me that much but the wife was pissed … I thought it was because she was just used to Audi quality leather but then she said how even my Ram long horn has significantly higher quality leather so … after months and being...
  14. Stubby bumper for a daily driver - cons?

    Stubby bumpers look awesome … I’ve had this bumper on my last 3 jeeps!
  15. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    8 months old and can’t keep him out of it
  16. Wheel spacers-Real jeep owners opinions

    3rd jeep with Spidertrax Spacers / never had an issue …
  17. Why are roof-top tents so popular?

    I hope that no one buys these thinking they are more bear safe than a ground tent lol False sense of security
  18. Women jeepers viewed as lesser?

    This has never happened and seems so”out there” that it almost seems made up. A few people don’t smile at your wife and now we have discrimination in the jeep world!?!