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  1. 15 inch rims on JL Sport

    Right now I do not aim for extra lift but I surely woul'd like to install beefier tires on the Jeep . Is there a way I could fit 15 inch rims with this tire in my JL? One has to consider the studs on JL are now different size too. 1/2 in. x 20 (07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK) 14mm x 1.50 (18-19 Jeep...
  2. I wonder how much damage would sustain Jeep's suspension today ?

    those days most of things were built like a tank
  3. steering damper replacement

    After yesterday's major "death wobble" experience I took the Jeep for an inspection today and the dealer ordered new steering damper. I wonder if there was any engineering modification done to this "new" mopar damper or is it just the same quality as the one installed in the factory?
  4. West Coast Infernos

    I was just wathcing the news of the infernos in California. Please everybody stay safe and if you have to evacuate just do so. Do not hesitate for one minute. When the fire department people say go away you go and safe your lives.
  5. Has anybody installed this size KO2 on Sport ?

    LT275/65R17 121/118S E RWL 31.1" 11" 7.5-9.5" 8" 15/32" E - 10 ply 3195/2910 lbs 80 psi 112 mph 52.8 lbs Black/White Option? 669
  6. R.I.P August 16th 1977

    I hear reports Elvis has been seen only yesterday at Hilo's market
  7. Access to Crowley Lake . Ca.

    I wonder if anybody here has done the trip to Crowley Lake columns ? Do you think 4x4 is a must or is this trip doable in a camper or regular car? I did look at Gogle Pro and the gravel road seems to be in good shape. Thanks.
  8. Burning clutch smell

    So I have about 5 K miles on my JL and still when I accelerate in faster pace than would be let's say the normal soccer mum highway merging speed I get the clutch odour . Yes I took it to the dealer but they will always tell you all is fine even if you arrive on three wheels. I wonder how...
  9. dealer says my clutch is fine

    My 1 year clutch warranty will run out in couple of weeks and so I brought my Jeep to the dealer to see if the clutch is in good condition. They did the inspection couple weeks back and said there is no problem. At times when I quickly merge on the the higway and accelerate more forcefully than...
  10. Clutch recall W 12

    Does anybody really understand well what type of inspection the dealer does in regards to the clutch W 12 recall ? I was told that some type of clutch hose is inspected but how can they determine the status of the pressure plates?
  11. Mel's Hole in Ellensburg , Wa.

    I was just listening to an older Art Bell show with Mel Waters. Yes I can google this topic but google masters often manipulate realities . There were many interview's conducted with variety of guests in the past. Maybe you have something interesting to add to this topic. Maybe you live close...
  12. I have never waxed my car but ....

    Hello , I have never waxed my vehicle once in my entire life but these corona days I've got so much free time that I decided to wax the Jeep . I do not enjoy to spend much time washing a polishing my wheels so what would you think is an easy and safe type of wax to apply by hands where I will be...
  13. FCA Canada - clutch recall W12

    Today I finally received an " urgent vehicle recall" ---- the dealer will install a protective hose sleeve,reroute a wire harness , inspect the clutch system , and replace components as needed. The estimated repair time is about one hour. I called the dealer right away and I was told to call...
  14. David Icke - another victim of censorship

    ein zwei , here we go again https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-5251779
  15. My radio did it again

    So today the radio went kaput again and it happened just about 3 - 5 seconds after I started the Sport JL Jeep with the very basic 5 inch black and white screen display radio.. Well, I kept driving and then I just repeatedly pressed the ON /OFF radio button and it came back alive again. This...
  16. How difficult it would be to equip the Sport with a front locker

    I wonder what would be the cost and what it would take to somehow add a locking front differential on my Sport JL ? Would I have to replace the whole axle or can the differential itself be regeared ? In the back I've got the upgraded package with LSD but if it won't be too much $$$ I may add the...