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  1. No Throttle From Stop

    19F ambient temperature. Rig fired right up. Drove about 2 miles at low speed. Red light, left turn lane. Green light, no throttle response even with throttle on floor - RPM didn't move, nothing. Coasted into a parking lot. No CEL, no message on EVIC. Put trans in park, hit the throttle, and...
  2. Long Start with Block Heater

    I have noticed that my diesel takes ~5 seconds to start after using the block heater. The starter is engaged and turning the motor but it takes ~5 seconds to turn over. This is my first diesel and first block heater. Is this normal behavior?
  3. Genesis Battery for 3.0L

    I saw this a few days ago and haven't seen it here. https://www.genesisoffroad.com/2021-Diesel-Jeep-JL-JT-Dual-Battery-Kit-_p_204.html Yummy. My stock batteries are acting a bit weak and can't wait for this. @Genesis Offroad
  4. Voswitch Buttons Flashing

    Tonight I went to turn on my driving lights through my JL200 Voswitch and the panel just flashes. No results Googling. Any one see this before?
  5. ODB Monitoring

    I ordered a Bluetooth ODB2 adapter and read data via Torque app. This was OK. Yesterday, I got in the rig and got a message on the EVIC that the Aux Switches were deactivated because of battery charge. I've determined that the Bluetooth adapter is keeping the EVIC and Infotainment active...
  6. Northern IL Jeep Clubs?

    My JLURD hasn't been built and delivered yet but I've been searching for Jeep clubs in Northern IL. I've found a few but none of them seem active. Anyone know of any that are active?
  7. Dims of MPS Overhead Molle Panel

    Does anyone have the MPS Overhead Molle Panel? If so, can you measure the dimensions? Width and Length from back side of the windshield to the front side of the roll bar? https://www.molle-platform-solutions.com/product-page/jlu-jeep-wrangler-front-overhead-molle-panel-hard-top I'm...
  8. Switch Panels

    I'm looking at switch panel systems and keep coming back to the SPod Bantam. Are there other options worth considering? Is anyone running the SPod system with HD Panel or Touch Panel? Thoughts? I like the idea of the Touch Panel and its features but also the tactile interaction with...