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  1. Ideal wheel offset for running 315/70R17 tires on Sport

    I think you will also need a lift. I don't think a tire that size will fit on a Sport without mods.
  2. 35" Tires on stock Sport S without lift?

    Fire roads are not always so easy....prone to washouts and deep ruts.
  3. Bad gas mileage

    The MPG should improve some with engine break in and computer learning your driving habits.
  4. 2in spacer lift Rubicon question

    You can also take a look at AEV spacer kit. I believe it has what you need.
  5. Engine 'feels' like its misfiring at idle - No Check Engine Light

    Don't have an eTorque engine so spit balling here.,...could it be a transition between the eTorque and the gas? Like the engine is trying to figure out where it should be operating. I could be way off just trying brainstorm ideas.
  6. Turning in 4H

    For the first 20ish times I had to be moving about 1-3 miles per hour and transmission in Neutral. Always in Neutral to go to 4 lo. You have to use some force to get it into 4 lo. This will get easier the more you practice. Now I can get it in 4lo while in Neutral and stopped most times...
  7. 2" wheel spacers on stock height Rubi

    They are 33's on stock rubicon rims.
  8. 2" wheel spacers on stock height Rubi

    I add 2" wheel spacers because I wanted some poke and a more aggressive stance. I have a 2020 2dr Rubicon and stock rims/tires. I can not justify spending money on rims that would give the same look. I have driven it up to the Black hills and wheeled on a bunch of Forest service roads. Image is...
  9. Dash lit up like a Christmas tree- Not wheel speed sensor and not batteries, what could it be?

    Did you have batteries load tested? Just because they have good voltage doesn't mean they are good or okay. Lots of people get the dashboard Christmas tree and it ends up being the Aux battery, which will pull you main battery down if not replaced or removed. If keeping the Aux replace both at...
  10. Help with Stop/Start warning light and message!

    Disconnecting negative cable and pulling fuse does not stop ESS. It will try and use the large battery for this. If using Jscan you need to read carefully because you also have to pull the hood pin switch. There are two, you want the far driver side one. BTW pulling this will also disable...
  11. Open your door & see this

    Seeing this on new models. Drove a new Subaru the other day while the DCM unit was replaced and it had the shining logo when door was opened. Neat but one more thing added that will break and they will charge an arm and a leg to fix it.
  12. Having to use key fob to start?

    Yep new battery in key fob!
  13. Aux battery

    If you bought it used, it is possible previous owner removed the AUX??
  14. What type of spacer lift did you use?

    Check out AEV spacer lift. It gets good reviews. One I am considering for a first, cheaper, attempt if I decide to lift??
  15. help a nooB offroad wannabe out 8; - recovery gear essentials

    The goal is to have all of your recovery gear be decorative junk! All the items you mentioned are good...you might add a saw, shovel, battery starter kit, emergency communication device (most likely cell service won't be there when needed). With the winch you might possibly want some sort of...
  16. Hey! Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas All!
  17. Side steps for 2 Door

    I went this way on my two door.
  18. Newest noob in the herd!

    Welcome and don't forget AUX battery issues and delete.
  19. ESS battery replacement.. Wait.. What?

    I am not sure what the 2.2D is? At that price I am wondering if you have the 48V system? If you do have the small AUX battery it is easy to remove and run without. I have had no issues and it has been over a year. Taken long trips been off-roading. No issues.
  20. Colorado. trails?

    Cinnamon and Engineer are not difficult trails. Beautiful yes. We did the loop in a day and spent some time walking around in Lake City. We always enjoy our jeep rides. Low and slow is our motto.