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  1. Tennessee Sold: 2020 JLU Soft Top Side & Rear Panels - Tinted / Black for Sale

    We have Left, Right, & Rear tinted panels and storage bag for sale. These panels are perfect (they were never installed). We bought a new Wrangler in April / Stolen in July. Located in Knoxville, TN - $250
  2. Tennessee Sold: Hard Top for JLU for Sale - Black - 2020

    Hard Top for Wrangler JLU For Sale with Freedom Panels and storage bag- Black. Top is in perfect condition, no scratches. New in April 2020, removed from Jeep in May, always stored inside. Knoxville, TN - $2000 OBO
  3. Stolen 2020 JLUD

    That didn't last long. 2100 miles and 3 months. Stolen from right in front of hy home.
  4. When to change to Soft Top from Hard Top?

    New 2020 JLU owner. We ordered the dual top option. We're in TN and temps are climbing, but pollen is still a bit heavy. When do most people change from HT to ST?
  5. Wheels & Tires & Lifts... Confused

    I've ordered a JLU Willys Diesel and want to put aftermarket wheels & tires on it. We selected Black Rhino Raze Wheels (18x10 with -44 offset) & Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires (325/60R18), but learned today that they 'might' not fit without a lift. Can anyone here help guide me? We'll be 98%...
  6. Willys Wheel / Tire Worth?

    We have a 2020 Willys on order with plans to remove the 17" Black Wheels and Firestone Destination tires prior to delivery. What is that pkg of 5 worth with essentially zero miles?
  7. Jeep.com Lease Calc?

    I only drive about 6k miles per year and a lease seems like a good option based on the lease calc on Jeep.com. After spec'ing a Willys the way we want, the website says $349/mo (details below), but the dealers are NO WHERE close. Why would the online Jeep lease calc be that far off? MSRP -...
  8. Custom Seat Covers - Patterns?

    We want to make seat covers from Dacron (Sail Cloth) or Sunbrella (less interested in Sunbrella because it gets wet even if it does shed water). Does anyone have or know where to get a pattern for seat covers? Thanks in advance.
  9. Tire / Wheel Sizes for New Order

    We're placing an order for a new JLU this week. A tire wheel pkg is part of the deal and we need some direction / advice. We like a wide stance with tires sticking out of the wheel wells and have 2 options below. FWIW, we are leaning toward building a Sport S, but also considering just going...