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  1. 2020 Rubicon - passenger dash scratches - how to fix?

    Hey gang. 🙂 Hoping this is a quick question. I did some checking here on the forums and haven’t seen this question asked-answered, so I’m posting. This pertains to the passenger side dash panel. Mine is the red color common to the 2020 Rubicons and other models. We’ve managed to get a few...
  2. Overlanding trip

    Oh yeah, very different! Yet, in random spots, we get reminded of home, too. 🙂 The biggest difference we appreciate is the almost total lack of black flies here! LOL Plenty of other things that replace them, but still…nice to not have those little buggers around! 😁
  3. Overlanding, Camping and Cooking in Sequoia National Forest

    A few weeks ago, a small group of us got together for our almost-monthly Overlanding trip. For this one, we met at a usual spot in Mojave, CA, then quickly flipped to the dirt. Nothing really technical about the routes we took, but it was still an enjoyable desert drive, followed by memorable...
  4. Overlanding trip

    This made me smile. Awesome trip report from back home! I grew up in Cape Breton and my wife in Bathurst, so we’re very familiar with those areas you were in. Bit different for us now as we live just outside Los Angeles, so our Overlanding often includes Death Valley and the Sierra Mountains. :)...
  5. List of Overlanding Trailers and Offroad Campers

    I’d totally rock that! 👍👍
  6. Poor SiriusXM Reception

    Kej, did you ever do this? After 4 months of having my Rhino Rack and tent on the Jeep, my reception suddenly dropped off. Worked fine with the Maximus-3 relo bracket for 4 months, now terrible. Dealer is telling me it’s because I moved it. Because it’s now “covered”. Basically, what they’re...
  7. List of Overlanding Trailers and Offroad Campers

    Oh, I have no defined timeline. I may or may not buy a trailer. Just wanted the resource to exist, first and foremost. Before I buy a trailer I need to replace the gate/fence at our house to allow for RV access, or construct another way to store a trailer that still allows me full access to my...
  8. Cheap, easy floor/seat flattening shelf for my fridge

    Not sure if this’ll be useful for anyone else (JLUs), but here’s a shelf project I just wrapped up. (This creates a level surface over a folded rear seat.The other shelf I have mounted in the cargo area is from Hooke Road on Amazon. Solid, well built.) After dropping my new fridge (37 quart...
  9. Mojave Road - open to advice and tips

    yeah, so I made this same request of others on the forum...and damnit, no one ever answered me...! :giggle: I’ll definitely post up thoughts after the trip. So far, up to 80 mph on the freeway, they’ve been solid and fine. We’ll see what 140-ish miles offroad does.
  10. Mojave Road - open to advice and tips

    umm...thanks? I guess... my navigation skills will come into play while I’m traveling, but if you want to second guess them now, have at it. Route planning...well that’s kind of the point in soliciting input. Maybe some here might have fresher data than, I dunno, Google’s 6 month old...
  11. Mojave Road - open to advice and tips

    Appreciate the intel, Steverino :) I will be sure to report back on our experience - at the very least, we intend to go to the water obstacle to check it out for ourselves. We'll make the call at that point for our individual situation, and we'll report on that. ;)
  12. Mojave Road - open to advice and tips

    Thanks Jim! I pretty much 100% align with your thinking. Not looking for a hero badge, or excuse to test my winch, etc. I do intend to go to the water hole to eyeball it personally, and your input confirms that might lead me to see it could be viable - we'll see. Roger on Gaia - got that, a few...
  13. Mojave Road - open to advice and tips

    After realizing I've taken 3 vacation days in 2020 so far, I decided a break was in order. So later this month, I'm going to take a few days and go do the Mojave Road. East to West, I think... Plan is pretty standard: ...load Jeep, drive, camp, drive, camp, drive... Jeep is ready. We have the...
  14. What does this connect to?

    Damnit! I was hoping I could use it, and find a match on the passenger side, to wire in cowl lights...LOL Oh well...I'll just run a harness, I suppose...go all old school... ;) Glad i found this thread, though, and appreciate the info gang - exactly what I was hunting for. :)
  15. The Trasharoo Problem

    Gonna drop this idea here: I’m going to see, at some point, if I can use a storage bag from my old dual sport motorcycle. I have a few Kreiga bags lying around, and they’re about the same width as my space tire. In theory, with the strap mounts on the backside of the bag (for mounting on a dual...
  16. Fuel Storage Options

    I’m sure the racks can handle the weight, but can the fiberglass of the lower edge of the roof and the drip rail handle it, long term, off-road?
  17. Fuel Storage Options

    I'm in EXACTLY this same boat. We did 70 miles in death Valley NP yesterday. Hardly challenging on Saline Rd, as our mildly lifted, aggressively-tired Rubicon did the first half in 2wd. (Tires aired at 39 psi - so not really aired down at all...) When we reached the half-way point and began to...
  18. New MTRs for the Rubi

    Any Jeep I’ve owned in the past had Wrangler MTRs from the first set released by Goodyear. Way back, I liked the (then) slightly more aggressive look than the (then) available BFG ATs... ...and Goodyear told us these were AT tires, not really MT tires. I spooned a set on my 1994 Cherokee with a...
  19. Sandstone canyon anza-borrego

    Can’t wait to head back to this area to explore this winter. We’re up in Camarillo, but worth a day trip.
  20. Yeti coolers at Sport Check or Atmosphere.

    Perhaps I need to amend my statement to be "I miss the Canadian Tire of my youth..." ;) Still, the US has nothing like it...sigh.