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  1. Paint Colors by Year

    I like my Gator Gladiator - I think it's the perfect color for the truck...
  2. Hit and Run (with video) & help needed with part numbers - Don't need help with part numbers any more

    We had to replace the passenger side front fender and inner liner on my wife's 2022 JLU last year - the black fender was about $170 and the liner was about $60 from the dealer. The fender comes with all the clips installed, as well as the lights - installation was literally a snap!
  3. GMRS Radio questions

    When did that change? When I got my license last year it was $35 for a 10-year license.
  4. Heads up, Jeep Only (AKA) Las Vegas Jeep Service Dept

    Family get-togethers in our family can be entertaining: I'm an Army vet; our younger son is career Navy; his daughter is Air Force!
  5. Heads up, Jeep Only (AKA) Las Vegas Jeep Service Dept

    There's no such thing as a "perfectly good airplane", especially if it says "US Air force" on the side (there's that inter-service rivalry!). I did a few rappels out of Hueys also - not a lot of fun when you're carrying an M-60 machine gun with you! At least when we were jumping the M-60 was in...
  6. Heads up, Jeep Only (AKA) Las Vegas Jeep Service Dept

    Chopper blasts were my favorite! Back in my day we used the Hueys - 4 troopers in each door. Did 5 jumps in one day once - totally fun day. My favorite plane was the C-130 - an ancient bird that is STILL in production. When we wanted to fill the air with parachutes we used the C-5 - that was a...
  7. Heads up, Jeep Only (AKA) Las Vegas Jeep Service Dept

    It's called inter-service rivalry, and it's something that All servicemen take part in - but don't get in the way if a civilian tries to join in: we'll circle the wagons and make that civilian wish he were anywhere else! I've known several Marines, and I tell them that if they couldn't be...
  8. You guys are full of $@&% or lying - MPG

    According to Gas Buddy, in our neighborhood (South San Jose) regular gas runs from $3.89 to $4.89 per gallon...
  9. You guys are full of $@&% or lying - MPG

    We have 2 Jeeps: my 2020 Gladiator Sport S with 3.73:1 gearing and my wife's 2022 Wrangler Sport S with 3.45:1 gearing. Both have the 3.6L engine and 8 speed automatic, and the OEM All-Season tires. My Gladiator consistently get about 2 mpg better than her Wrangler overall.
  10. So you think it’s top tier gas your buying

    We have a good friend who used to drive tankers for a company here called Rotten Robbie - he would get in line at the local refinery and there would be tankers in line with him from EVERY gas company. They all got their gas from the same supply, and each driver would simply add in the additives...
  11. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    CoolTe h found that the LED lighting was the issue: there is a "sense" line from the LED assembly back to the BCM that tells the computer that a light has been activated. This signal wakes up the Jeep and it then draws up to 10A for a period of time. CoolTech's solution is to interrupt that...
  12. Winch or Not, and resales

    It's been that way for decades. Back in late 1987 we traded in an '84 Mazda B2000 pickup truck for an '88 Wrangler. The Mazda had a camper shell on the back, and I had built some cabinets along the sides inside the shell. We had also replaced the rear glass on the cab with a crawl-through boot...
  13. What's the highest mileage Wrangler you have seen?

    Our '88 Wrangler had 165,xxx miles on it when we sold it in 2001...
  14. RV Towing Bumper Suggestions

    Here's a photo of my setup. The Blue Ox adapters I got at Rock Hard - You install them in place of the mounts that come with the bumper. With them mounted in the top holes like the photo shows the tow bar is perfectly level when hooked up to our 2007 Bounder motorhome. The eye bolts in the lower...
  15. (update)New engine, it broke again a month later.

    Yup - I just got rid of an old Ford 390 that had a rod bolt problem: the rod ended up breaking the camshaft into 3 pieces!
  16. I thought this was kind of cool

    I doubt the TV will work - most likely it has the old analog tuner so it won't show any channels now.
  17. Strange red light on dash

    We've had this JLU almost 2 years and this is the first I've noticed it! Didn't even know it had a security system!
  18. Strange red light on dash

    Got a strange red light on the dash on my wife's 2022 JLU Sport S - just to the right of the left turn signal arrow. When we lock the doors all the lights go off as normal, but this red light starts flashing. I can't find any mention of it in the Owner's Manual. Does anybody know what it is, and...
  19. Mounting location for GMRS antenna

    I mounted ours to the roll cage...seems to work adequately for what we use it for.
  20. Federal law - purchase Jeep for CA in CA

    Most insurance companies here take care of that for you: they notify the DMV when you let the insurance lapse, or cancel it, and the DMV flips the switch on your registration. I can't recall the last time we had to personally show proof of insurance when we paid the registration.