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  1. New Currie Rock Jock Front End Housing Johnny Joint Kit for JL/JT

    I got my tracking info and they should arrive Saturday. I have a lot to get ready for Moab next week, hopefully I find the time to get them on before going!
  2. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Whats one these scanners cost? Do we crowdfund one for you?
  3. New Currie Rock Jock Front End Housing Johnny Joint Kit for JL/JT

    Depends when they arrive. I head to Moab on the 4th, so if I get them by Monday I'll install them then, if not, it could be a while. My November calendar is pretty packed up.
  4. New Currie Rock Jock Front End Housing Johnny Joint Kit for JL/JT

    I ordered a set this morning too. Thanks for the heads up
  5. Full external line-x

    It was the liners he mentioned wouldn’t stick well, not the fender surface.
  6. Opinions needed: Best frame mounted Rock Sliders that serve well for body protection and as a step?

    I love Rusty’s products but their slider mounts looked too similar to the LOD mounts which didn’t hold up for me.
  7. Gorilla Glass windshield replacement

    Yep, it’s a problem. I went in for an alignment about a year ago and they said they can’t do it because it has FCW. Dealer scheduling was weeks out. So the independent shop agreed to put it on the rack and give me the print out of the alignment, but they wouldn’t adjust anything. That’s all I...
  8. Full external line-x

    I was tempted by this when I had my JK, but having seen how difficult they are to wash I decided against it. Appeared dirt/mud got trapped. Should be plenty durable and will definitely stand out.
  9. Question of the rpm for manual transmission

    This V6 loves to rev. Don’t be afraid to shift at higher RPM levels. Regarding the rest, try different RPM points and clutch speeds until you learn this vehicle. There are so many variables to it like how fast is your momentum going into each shift, etc. Just like every snowflake is different...
  10. Opinions needed: Best frame mounted Rock Sliders that serve well for body protection and as a step?

    After putting the kids to bed last night I put the body armor and MC Overlines on which I just got back from the powder coater. Install wasn’t tough but was a bit of a pain. I put 5 coats of plastic dip on the back of the body armor to act as a gasket. It worked pretty well but I still ended up...
  11. Recommendations for bag that neatly fits in the hidden cargo compartment?

    Its not one bag, but this may be similar to what you are describing
  12. Rock Hard 4x4 Sale?

    Northridge code is JLWranglerForums If you don't see it on their site, give NR4x4 a call. I'm sure they can get it. Free shipping too. You can do a dry run of the code on another RH product to see what the discount % is. Its usually the same % off on each brand, but different amounts by brand.
  13. Brand New and Going Up!

    I wouldn't worry about your wheels. Thats only a 4.53" backspacing which is around what most people will choose. The person that commented above has been on a mission this week about AEV wheels being the only acceptable offset that exists. If you'd like to look through mine or his post history...
  14. Aluminum Bumpers Recommendations?

    EVO has a rear one now, not sure if they do a front in aluminum
  15. 2021 jlu rubicon all time 4wd ?

    There are several threads on the topic you could read through. Here are a couple
  16. Backspace for rubicon VS other models

    I’m not going to argue semantics, but I don’t think most would call a liner change a fender chop. Now that I’m on the 3.5” wheels I don’t need the rear aftermarket liners. Still have my stock fronts on. Cutting the tub has nothing to do with the wheels as I mentioned above. Your control arms...
  17. Backspace for rubicon VS other models

    Here’s a couple from a very rainy day on Holy Cross
  18. Backspace for rubicon VS other models

    I haven't chopped my fenders and the tires stuff into the fenders fine (rubicon) with the 3.5" backspacing wheels I have. I did replace my rear liners but for sure the 3.5" backspacing have less clearance issue in the back than the 5" wheels I used to have did. Moving the tires out actually...