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  1. Muffler upgrade for 3.6L?

    Looking for suggestions based on experience. I would like a lower, throatier sound that also might improve performance. Here is what I am looking at… https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/exhaust_systems/hooker_blackheart/parts/BH5410 Let’s just assume money is no object (in my dreams)…...
  2. BOH Trail poll?

    Just curious as to how many are targeting BOH vs. other trails and if it is a ‘notch on your belt’ or badge on your Jeep… or not?
  3. Maxtrax mounting options on 2dr?

    Looking for some mounting options inside/outside for a pair of Maxtrax recovery boards. Please share including any DIY builds.
  4. Ducking Suck or Sweet?

    With the polarization of the Jeep community on this question, I thought it would be fun to see the numbers!
  5. HELP… installing rear lower control arm skid

    Adding some LCA skids and now I cannot line up the LCA rear hole. Any hints. It seems the bracket has move aft relative to the LCA bushing. Hard to see but the bushing is not lining up with the black OEM bracket. The skid isn’t the problem.
  6. Mirrors for going w/o doors?

    I know this topic has been addressed. Done some searching. Seems the CMM get best reviews but are they really heads and tails above the competition? Currently $285 on sale. Ugh. Any other suggestions before I take another bath...
  7. 2dr with bigger engine???

    Curious to learn stories of anyone that have swapped out their 3.6L with a 392.
  8. Washington Sold: Oracle Flush tail lights

    Slightly used but in original box with all original instructions, warranty card, decal, etc. Used for less than one year and decided to change out to the tinted version. These things are great, especially if you don’t care about the OEM blind spot monitoring feature. Easy install. $275 and I...
  9. Looking for a cover for my 2dr?

    I have a redneck solution but ideally I would like a quality soft cover to throw over my JLR when my hard top and/or doors are off. My current solution is a little rednec…. A fitted bedsheet and bungee cords. Did some searching on the forum but not finding much… Any suggestions?
  10. Dragoneggs Build Thread

    It’s been a little more than a year since taking delivery. It’s about time to document my build albeit a bit in retrospect. Please bear with me as I post the journey over the next few days. Day one…. Picking up my 22 JLR (2dr) on March 19, 2022. Ordered at my local dealer mid December 2021...
  11. Aux rear lighting plan

    Inspired by @Megawatt I am looking to brighten up my rear end, and am considering this... https://www.oraclelights.com/products/rear-bumper-led-reverse-lights?rq=mk_jeep~md_wrangler-jl~yr_2022 Already have the Oracle tail lights that are far superior to the OEM notably in the lumen area, let...
  12. Adding an extra fuel tank in a 2dr?

    Before I invest in fancy plastic aux fuel storage bolted to the sides of my hard top, I want to understand if there is an elegant solution to adding extra fuel storage. Ideally this would be chassis level to keep the center of gravity low as possible. Thoughts?
  13. Rear Cam Hardtop quick disconnect?

    I want to mount a BlackVue DR900X 2ch rear camera to the back hatch window and be able to easily remove the hardtop. This means I need a disconnect preferably near the top pax side B pillar. Anyone know if the wiring can be cut mid length to add a male/female connector?
  14. Washington Sold: Rubicon takeoffs - w/TPMS $1100

    Set of 5 - 285/70-17 KO2s on Rubicon rims. $5k miles on four. All include TPMS sensors. Slight rash on one wheel, other 4 like new. Location: Silverdale. Will deliver locally.
  15. Routing Rear Cam wiring… any tips/suggestions?

    I have a BlackVue 900X 2ch. I have hardwired the front cam to the battery through the lower A pillar and cowling. Pretty clean. I am now looking for best routing of the rear cam that needs to plug into the front cam. For those that have installed a rear cam, any tips or suggestions?
  16. Kinetic rope?

    I'm in the market for a kinetic rope. Pretty much decided I will go with the Bubba rope 7/8in for my JLR. Just trying to decide on length. 20ft or 30ft. I'm trying to keep my weight and volume to a minimum. Looking for comments from those that have used one more than a couple times. Is...
  17. New spare wheel/tire messing with proximity sensor

    Got new shoes for my JLR and now my spare is interfering with the proximity sensor when backing up. Is there an easy fix to move the camera/sensor so the wheel is not in view?
  18. Icon Rebound Pro tire mounting?

    Anyone have any experience mounting tires on Rebound Pro wheels? I was just told by a national tire reseller store manager that they would not install the tires on these wheels that I have new in box. Edit: Problem resolved with great help from Matt here from Discount Tire!
  19. Rock Slider choices for 2dr?

    Wondering if anyone has compiled a list for 2dr JL's? Also looking for experience/recommendations.
  20. Dash Cam - Witnessed Icy Bridge Crash

    Recently installed a dash cam. Coming home from town yesterday, we witnessed the vehicle in front of us suddenly lose it on the icy bridge. Once they cleared the bridge, the vehicle caught traction again and flew off the side of the road, flipped over forward, and landed upside down 25ft down...