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  1. Hard top side sliding window

    And then there's this one
  2. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    I have to agree. I live in a small city of 90,000 souls; we never got that many Broncos to start with. But the novelty has already waned in only 3+ years. Bronco styling hasn't aged very well. Tellingly, you are more likely to find Broncos sitting in other dealers' used lots than on Ford's...
  3. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    You couldn't pay me to own a Bronco. I went to test drive a Bronco, twice. The wobbly frameless windows, the swaths of hard plastics, the flimsy assist handles, the fridge magnets Ford passes for fender badges, the irritating Ford chimes...the whole thing made me gag.
  4. Bronco Busting

  5. A Gladiator Mojave Caught My Eye Today.

    I traded the JL for a CPO Mini Clubman. Loved the Mini but missed being in a Jeep. Four months later I traded the Mini for the JT.
  6. A Gladiator Mojave Caught My Eye Today.

    I recently got a 2023 Gladiator Rubicon. JT vs JL - Pros: Got an amazing deal. The JT had an MSRP of $67,555; dealer had it listed for $50,000 The longer wheelbase provides a smoother ride on and off-road; greater stability at speed The rear axle and wheels sit outside the cabin, producing...
  7. **Price Up 61%, Sales Down 34%** - Last 5 Years for Jeep

    All analysts care about is stock values, quarterly profits and dividends. To keep a profitable business going, it is not about jacking up prices, but about providing greater value to customers, so that they remain willing to open up their wallets. Often times, automakers can give customers...
  8. **Price Up 61%, Sales Down 34%** - Last 5 Years for Jeep

    CarEdge provides valuable information to car shoppers, but their daily uploads are just click bait. Yes, Jeep, and Stellantis at large, are having their share of issues, but all CarEdge does is gang up on automakers that run into a snag. This is today's CarEdge daily upload
  9. So do we just ignore how bad the jeeps ride??

    I haven't read all 80 replies. Jeeps ride like Jeeps. It's a Jeep thing. Whether a particular Jeep rides harsh or smooth is up to each individual and each Jeep. Some dealers inflate all tires to 45 PSI, making for a particularly harsh ride. I have owned nine Wranglers, a collection of JKs...
  10. 275/65R18

    At that point I only had the Daystar spacer lift. Yes, it smoothed the ride a little. I got a Mopar lift afterwards. If I were to do it all over again, I'd stop at the Daystar spacer kit.
  11. Not that it's a contest, but just how many Jeeps have you owned?

    This is my 12th Jeep: 1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 2008 Wrangler Sahara 2009 Wrangler Rubicon 2009 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2013 Wrangler Rubicon 2014 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 2015 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 2018 Wrangler...
  12. OEM Mopar Black Lug Nuts Pricing

    I had black lug nuts in the past. They weren't Mopar; they were McGard, which are high quality. They looked good for about a year. Sadly,with time they started to show galvanized corrosion and scratches from impact tools. So I reverted back to the OE chrome lug nuts. I live in the PNW; we...
  13. After a Long Time Away....Am Back in a Jeep!

    Traded it in for a 2020 Mini Clubman AWD. That only lasted 4 months; traded the Mini for a Gladiator six weeks ago.
  14. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    That's straight north of here.
  15. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    It was unseasonably warm and sunny today, so took Rosie to the mountains. Found deep snow on one of the trails; got to try 4H, 4L, Offroad+, front and rear lockers and the swaybar disconnect. Everything works. Rosie loved running off leash and bathing in the river.
  16. Where to buy a new OEM steel front bumper

    I got it from BAM Wholesale. They had the lowest price, even with shipping the bumper across the country --from MA to WA.
  17. After a Long Time Away....Am Back in a Jeep!

    Congrats, OP! I beat you by a month. I too reincarnated in a Jeep recently. This time in a white Gladiator.
  18. Curious - where are there suddenly so many 4xE new Jeeps around when they are more expensive than regular Jeep

    Stellantis is stuck with a boneheaded decision by FCA to forfeit from an agreement reached a few years back, between fourteen CARB states and Ford, Honda, VW, BMW, to get extensions/exceptions on the sale of regular ICE vehicles. Because FCA dropped the ball so royally, in mid-2023 Jeep had to...