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  1. What if ... shifting MT into gear with no clutch while ESS has engine off

    I get bored in traffic and my mind wanders to stupid mechanical questions at times. I often wonder, what would happen if I were to shift from N into a gear without the clutch while ESS has the engine off? Would it be the same as putting the transmission in gear with the engine off? Or would...
  2. Any commercial products to tap into 48v etorque battery?

    I've seen a couple of DIY threads about using the 48v battery, but curious if there are any commercial products on the market to tap the battery for powering on board accessories? Is that just not going to happen?
  3. iPhone 14 and 14 Pro gain satellite SOS for off-grid emergencies

    I wonder if this will be a viable emergency notification option https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/07/iphone-14-gains-satellite-sos-for-off-grid-emergencies/?guccounter=1&fbclid=IwAR1MHXIAdmnAc10ayVgv3NnkoecHhEzq9gtrJ5rxPdoWNZ_TB_IIRcCuMgo
  4. Hatchet Overland has started production - I jumped in line.

    Hatchet Overland's JLU camper is now in production. It's a brilliant design. After some emails and a lengthy call with one of Hatchet's founders, Craig Fisher, I pulled the trigger today for a November install when I will be traveling through Colorado. Very excited to get this installed!
  5. Does the Iceco VL45ProS fit on the Driver's side with Rear Seat UP? ARB Zero 38 qt?

    Can anyone help a couple of refrigerator questions. The pitch of the JLU back seat makes measurements almost impossible! Looking at the Iceco VL45ProS. Will it fit on the driver's side with the rear seat up? If so, is there enough clearance for a slide? How about a Slide and Trailgator/table...
  6. Best Practices for Grounding JLU Accessories

    I see people grounding accessories directly at the negative terminal of the battery. I thought the preferred practice was grounding to the strip on the frame on the passenger side by the battery. Does it matter? Is there a preference depending on the draw of the accessory (compressor v. led...
  7. Father and Son Driveway Wrenching

    I ordered a 6sp JLU Willys in April because I wanted my son to learn a few skills largely lost on his generation -- like how to shift gears, how to turn a wrench, and how to care for a relatively simple motor vehicle. Today was day one of Wrench Turning University. We started at 8:00 am by...
  8. Pretend I'm Dunder Mifflin's Michael Scott and please explain to me (slowly), what is the 6th gear for on my 2022 JLU Willys?

    Ok, the 6 spd/3.6 is a lot of fun and I have zero complaints about the clutch. It is very fun to drive. The Willys JLU is still stock, so it's set up as the engineers intended. But what in the world is that 6th gear about? What were the Jeep engineers thinking? I was sure I would find a use...
  9. Texas FS Like New, OEM JL/JLU tail light assemblies (Houston)

    If you haven't busted one yet, you're not wheeling hard enough! :CWL: These are like-new tail light assemblies I took off a two day-old JLU. $100 for the pair, plus shipping or pick-up in Houston. Prefer local pick up but I have Mopar boxes for them. These are plug & play with one bolt per...
  10. A tribute to the third pedal

    I grew up in the '70s with older muscle cars, and a few, somewhat newer, sports cars. All of them had manual transmissions. The men I looked up to growing up all drove pickup trucks and Jeeps. They, too, all had manual transmissions, to the best of my memory. As I got a bit older, I bought...
  11. You can now build a 2023 Rubicon with a snorkle

    Apparently, you can now build a 2023 Rubicon with a snorkle. Coming to a mall parking lot near me soon. :LOL:
  12. Are there any Grimm ARB mount air compressor heat failures?

    I see lots of folks claiming that the driver wheel well location is too hot to mount an ARB compressor, but I suspect a lot have been installed and I haven't found anyone posting instances of compressor failures using the Grimm mount in the wheel well. Curious if anyone knows of any case of...