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  1. Hood Solar Panel Owners Thoughts

    I think @Caliguy has one of these on his hood. I've thought about installing one myself.
  2. 40k Spark Plug Change - 2.0T

    I did mine last year about 10K miles sooner than you did and I like my skinny pedal more than most, but they looked pretty clean in comparison.
  3. Tone down robot eye look?

    I have the graphite and it's not quite as egregious. I would have preferred black but it was a gift. Silver was definitely a choice there...
  4. 🆕 Product Monday: Interior Dash Wraps and Graphics

    Probably less than the carbon fibber plastic overlays that some add.
  5. I did "all" the 2.0 power upgrades

    No worries pal, we all already know that the warranty doesn't even cover a stock JL.
  6. I did "all" the 2.0 power upgrades

    Good to know! Love y'all, you got me spark plugs super quick despite power being out at your shop and I'm definitely sending my ECU your way this year.
  7. I did "all" the 2.0 power upgrades

    You can buy a clone of your original ECU through them. I'm still considering that route, but it's double the cost of the ECU tune solo.
  8. We want to hear from you!

    @JeepCares , all I want.
  9. Fender chop kits (AAL vs Quake)

    Well, I got these as a Xmas present last year and completed the chops and installs today! Looking very good. @Quake LED or anyone else that knows - coming from a halogen Sport, how do we enable always on DRLs with JScan? I have the app, SGW bypass cable and a Bluetooth OBDII adapter already.
  10. Buttons on back of steering wheel

    I dropped them a line through Messenger and they hit me back within an hour: "We will try to check that out, but can't tell right now if its possible". Here's hoping!
  11. Buttons on back of steering wheel

    Back on topic, I think I might reach out to JScan myself to see if they can do anything about giving us that button for pause/play. Wonder if they have a contact email or if I can drop a suggestion through the app.
  12. Buttons on back of steering wheel

    Not sure, but when they came out with paddle shifters for the 392, I believe the option to add that with a hardware kit and enable via JScan or the other one came fairly quick on it's heels.
  13. Buttons on back of steering wheel

    Has me wondering if that type of functionality can be enabled through JScan. Beyond annoying how they didn't even bother to enable center button functionality unless you use AM/FM/XM.
  14. Any suggestions on a pistol mount/magnet?

    Poor op-sec and yap-fest aside, something like a Safariland Quick Locking System mounting plate can be mounted to the knee panel below the steering column and will accept any of the duty holsters they make. It'll outlast Kydex and is more secure than a magnet.
  15. Jeep SWAT disabled my new Willys

    Get pics or details of the device/product/app. All of these need more exposure so consumers can defeat them more readily. Your case is a fine example of why.
  16. Brighter reverse lights for 2023 392?

    Sadly, no aftermarket parts are direct-swap into 392s 😢 To keep the 392 experience truly custom, Stellantis changed every mount, harness and part to be unique from the other JLUs. /s
  17. No Reason Here For LED Lights

    The cost to get into NV far outweighs any of those gains 🤣
  18. No Reason Here For LED Lights

    Dang, didn't your big guy advocate turning the other cheek?