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  1. Impact wench advice for control arms

    Or a floor jack on the end of that breaker bar...
  2. Gearing screw-up

    4:56 with 35's will be fine. Don't sweat it. Could be much worse.
  3. 2.0 engine cover removal (mystery zip tie)

    The good news is; yours is a "Turbo". The tie is just a random leftover from Toledo.
  4. eTorque ESS is always "not ready"?

    I had this exact issue with my 2019 JLUR, a new 12 volt battery solved the problem.
  5. How to make these bolts black?

    Yes, that is what flanged means. I will repeat what I said earlier, do not use black oxide!
  6. How to make these bolts black?

    Do not think Black Oxide for a single minute, they will rust before the sun rises on the day after installation. Black Powder coat might work for a while, probably better than paint. I would seriously consider Cerakote for your application. Stay away from impacts for installation.
  7. Wheel sheared off studs

    That's an interesting point of view to take, considering there are literally millions of vehicles running aftermarket wheels that are not hub centric with no problems at all.
  8. Wheel sheared off studs

    Depends on the wheels, I can assure you my wheels are not hub centric and I'd wager the OP's are not either,
  9. Wheel sheared off studs

    Dude, did you even bother to read post #18? :facepalm:
  10. Wheel sheared off studs

    This is true, trick is finding the studs. It seems like most dealers don't stock parts anymore. Any good full service shop could fix this for you in a couple of hours tops. I suspect you are going to need a new wheel to replace that one, spare for now is a good plan. Point is if you can find the...
  11. Wheel sheared off studs

    I had a similar experience not too long ago, fortunately I found the loose lugs before loosing the wheel. All work was done by me including checking torque after 100 miles. I had put over 4000 miles on the wheels before having one set of lugs loosen. Vehicle was always within my control, no...
  12. Half doors worth it with new safety features?

    What you state is not entirely true, look at the pictures in the post above. The top of the half doors is clearly lower than the bottom of the windows on the full doors (the part where your arm would rest).
  13. What!!! No more V6 with Auto?

    Yep, my bad. That was on the 2023 build webpage. Don't know why Google took me there first?
  14. What!!! No more V6 with Auto?

    I'm not seeing that, looks like 3.6L eTourqe gets the automatic with no problem.
  15. My new 2021 JLUR XR Firecracker (Elektra)

    @bottomland4x4 Take a look here for the XR Package explanation: 2021 Rubicon XR package
  16. JK auto vs JL 8 speed?

    No comparison between a 6 speed Auto JK and 8 speed Auto JL. The 850RE is fantastic. Edit: I've owned both the JK and JL Automatics. I also have the same ZF 8 speed in both my BMW's. I love that transmission.
  17. METALCLOAK HD Drag Link and Sector shaft brace

    From the Metalcloak website on the Sector Shaft Brace, JL Wrangler | JT Gladiator listing: Note: The Sector Shaft Brace does NOT work with the 392 JL Wrangler.
  18. I just emptied another pocket

    @sherpaJL Not installed yet, life has been busy. Became a grandfather for the first time, bought a new house in TN. Spent a week in Hawaii, two trips to TN - all in the last 6 weeks. I will say the CavFab stuff looks very well made and is legit heavy duty.