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  1. Texas WTB Silver Zynith 2024 grille and half doors

    I would like your 2024 Silver Zynith Rubicon grille if you're interested in selling! I would also like your Silver Zynith half doors if you're interested in selling, but don't bother offering if the price is absurd. I will drive to pick them up in Texas or Western Louisiana, and I will pay on...
  2. Rock Jock High Steering feedback

    Howdy all! I am going to upgrade my steering to assist with the 37s and have been looking for some feedback on the Rock Jock high steer system. It is fairly new and I haven't seen many posts about it other than those just mentioning the kit exists. Really hoping for some real world feedback on...
  3. Quality window tint shop near Bryan/College Station?

    Howdy all, anyone know a quality tint shop near the Bryan/College Station area? Yes, I know there is a probability it will make my engine explode or Wrangler flip suddenly on the road. Thanks!
  4. Texas Sold: WTS: Diesel Rubicon Take-offs $400 (local pickup)

    Set of 5 factory Rubicon wheels, lugs, and tires but without TPMS from my 2022. They have about 3800 miles on the wheels and 10,000 miles on the tires (rotated regularly). I do not have pictures of the wheels, they went straight into the aftermarket wheel boxes and are stored, no curb rash. I am...
  5. My first thread was a dud!

    If my cancellation doesn't go through I guess we'll find out if it works or not lol.