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  1. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    Ordered a Bronco when they first accepted orders, I think that was in 2020. I canceled that order and bought two JLR since then. You couldn't pay me to take a Bronco, regardless of engine or axles. It's a different thing, not a Wrangler substitute, and it doesn't fit my lifestyle. It might...
  2. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    I think people breaking into Jeeps might understand grams, not millimeters. Yeah, I'm pretty familiar with calibers, in both fractions of an inch and millimeters.
  3. New (used) jeep recommendations

    Just drive it. Or Dana 60 axles front and rear with 5.13 gearing and 40" tires.
  4. Extended Warranty Needed?

    @Cips provides a great example of a part not covered under many extended warranties. I worked as a claims adjuster for a very large extended warranty company. If I remember right, the head unit was only covered under one of the three plans we sold. So, again, read the exclusions before you buy.
  5. Not impressed with new Earl Gray color in person

    That's funny. It's blue and black, not white and gold.
  6. Questions on ordering Sahara...

    I can't imagine anyone ever providing a good example of a proper Wrangler use case. It's a term that's overused and, almost always, incorrectly.
  7. Questions on ordering Sahara...

    I couldn't find it. Where is there a posted use-case in the thread? Looks like the OP just gave a brief description of how they intend to use their Jeep.
  8. too much camber

    It was for the OP
  9. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    If they steal your Jeep do they get to keep the multi-tool?
  10. Questions on ordering Sahara...

    The OP hasn't provided a use-case, only a brief description of how they intend to use it.
  11. Extended Warranty Needed?

    It is an insurance policy. You pay for coverage you hope you’ll never use. If you put that same money aside, along with the deductible amount, you’ll have a significant amount, and enough to pay for most repairs when they happen. As an insurance policy, the company selling them only exists...
  12. Odd Question For Guys With Long Beards

    Is there any way to use a hair clippy and clip it into your man-bun?
  13. Not impressed with new Earl Gray color in person

    Had Irish Breakfast last night after dinner.
  14. Questions on ordering Sahara...

    You don't buy a Jeep for the tires, and even less so do you buy a particular trim/model. That's like deciding to buy a car based on how much loose change the previous person left in the cupholder. Buy the Sahara, buy through one of the dealers that gives deep discounts (% off invoice) and get...
  15. Someone Broke into my Jeep; advice, tips?

    The people breaking into your Jeeps aren't reading your notes and they don't know the metric system (what a 7.62 is) anyway. :facepalm:
  16. Let the chatter begin..... 3.0L Hurricane I6 Engine

    Haha, that's some carried-over nonsense from almost 20 years ago now. Yes, the 4.0L had torque crawling, but not as much as the 3.6L. You just made my day, LOL ! ! ! !
  17. too much camber

    Camber is not adjustable. Don't try to adjust it. Drive on.