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  1. Scout EV possibly more competition for Jeep?

    Including into a Honda. There's no way I want a Honda built with a GM platform and GM parts bin parts. ICE/EV/whatever. The poor Honda Engineer trying to put a positive spin on this.
  2. Scout EV possibly more competition for Jeep?

    The most humorous take-away from the TFL video was Scout's thought that their output could be 200K annually or something like that. Over the course of 20 years (1960-1980), only around 1/2mil original IH Scouts were produced. Only 40K or so F150 Lightnings have been sold in 3 years. Shoot for...
  3. Daystar 3/4" spacer lift install question

    For the 3/4", I just disconnected the shocks, sway bar end links and locker wiring. Then I could put pressure on the one end of the axle (Pretty sure I put my foot on the hub and stood on it) and the spring would come out. Put in the spacer and spring (took a little more force on the axle)...
  4. Jeep *lowers* Grand Cherokee prices. Wrangler next?

    We bought a 2023 JCG Limited AWD last summer. TBH, the new "lower" prices are not really that much lower because they cut the incentives. They dropped the sticker price by $3500 but at that time that we got the JGC the incentive from Jeep was around $4750 and is now $1750 and some of the...
  5. Bourbon talk...

    I'm not much for drinking rye neat, but do prefer it in an OF over bourbon. After testing 7 or 8 "budget" ryes, I've settled on Old Forester 100 Rye. My latest bottle that I've picked up was Larceny Barrel Proof A124, but after blinding it against C923, I prefer C923. I'm more of a Wheater...
  6. Post pandemic sales UP sharply, but Stellantis sales down.

    Adding to what's been said, There was a big boom in all sorts of outdoor and adventure type recreation over the pandemic years. It was something that people could still go out and do. Now, hotels, resorts, cruises etc are allowed again and no longer has the fear of giving you the 'rona like it...
  7. Jeep Positivity!!!!!

    After 53,000 miles, I'm impressed that there's only bene very minor issues (mostly self inflicted) and that after every off-road trip, that I can jump on the highway and it rides just fine. At 4.5 years, it's still been a total pleasure to own.
  8. OBD Jscan Settings

    I tried the Auto High Beam settings, but it doesn't work on my '19 with ACC. It shows up on the radio menu, but the setting gets checked and then immediately unchecks itself. TPMS and fogs with high-beams are the 2 that I've actually used.
  9. Bronco fad?

    I'm in a non brand specific off road club in Georgia and I think there is 1 Bronco in the club. He's a long time Bronco guy. Around me, I do see a lot of Jeeps and Broncos alike getting dumped within a few years of ownership. FOMO and people liking the "idea" of a Jeep-type vehicle, but...
  10. Bronco fad?

    I was waiting for the Bronco to come out of many years. I have a Bronco II on 33s that used to be my trail buggy until I killed the engine. Now it sits waiting for me to get motivated and drop a 302 into it. I finally got tired of the wait for the new Bronco even before the reservations...
  11. Here's how you update your 8.4 to the latest version without bricking it

    I just did a successful update from 22.66 to 40.1. 2019 JLUR with factory 8.4 radio. Thanks for the great write up!
  12. Do all 2019 Wranglers have an aux battery?

    in 2019, 2.0L Turbos had eTorque, so you don't have the little AUX14 under the fuse box, you have a 48v batter under the cab. 2019 3.6v6 had the little 12v Aux Batt.
  13. Aux Battery Replacement - 2018 JL

    Pretty sure that the terminals are larger/different style on the Aux14 vs the powersports batteries. Otherwise, I think they are dimensionally the same.
  14. Do I need to regear?

    I'm running BFG 315/70R17 and AEV Borah wheels with rash rings, so similar weight. I've had this combo for about 6000 miles now and it's fine. you're good to go.
  15. Beadlock Wheel Manufacturer Recommendations

    Standard Rubicon Wheels stamped with China
  16. Beadlock Wheel Manufacturer Recommendations

    Pretty much all the cast wheels (including OEM) are Chinese. If you want the best bead locks, gets Hitchinson Rock Monsters, but they are around $850 each. Even Expensive wheels like AEV Borah's are Chinese.
  17. Black vs Body Color Fender Flares

    After 4.5 years, I have more scratches on the black parts of my painted fenders than the painted parts. There are some rock chips on the fronts of the rear flairs. The black fenders end up fading and look like crap IMO.
  18. What's going on with 4 Wheel Parts? Stores converting to Total Offroad & More?

    That great to hear. I'm not sad to see 4WP go away at all and glad to see that locations are rebranding instead of shuttering. I've never been a 4WP fan.