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  1. Battery charger for 3.6L ESS

    Thanks for the recommendations, Guys. anyone have any tips as to where to attach the negative from the charger? Is there a good ground in the engine bay somewhere?
  2. Battery charger for 3.6L ESS

    Folks: I am no longer in a highrise and I now have a private GARAGE for my 2020 JL. I can now get a battery charger to keep my battery in good condition through Mountain winters. I drive my Jeep a few times a week… but only about 7k miles per year and apart from a yearly road trip, mostly on...

    The incredible about of skill, expertise, and execution of many of the members here never ceases to amaze me. totally inspiring. I can barely screw in a light bulb, sadly.
  4. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    It seems like it’s time for another addition to the Trails for Pusses thread. Colorado… “California Park, Routt National Forest North west of Steamboat Springs “. Google maps: “California park, Colorado” this is a terrific drive. Take hiway 40 north out of town (paved) to CO-70 (dirt) to...
  5. If you thought things were bad already...

    In the late 1970’s the UAW had 1.5m dues paying members. today it has about, what? , 375k? the union members need to strike their UNION.
  6. Extended Warranty Worth it?

    Is an extended warranty worth it? there are two answers and both are correct. 1) is it good for ALL people who buy a warranty? NO. If it was a good deal for everyone, then the insurer would loose money and would stop selling them. The warranty is a terrible deal for most people. 2) is it a...
  7. Is Stellantis going to have to Cut Corners?

    I think that they should just pit out a $275,000 jeep. The Jeep Rubicon Platinum Edition. Totally lines up with their genius marketing plan to move the Jeep brand Into the Uber-luxury segment. yah, that will fix their profit problems. For sure.
  8. Black Bear Pass In The News...

    I live in colorado. there are 3 drivers that I look out for (in this order): 1)Texas 2) california 3) colorado
  9. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    Yep. But it’s also a helpful resource for folks who, like me, really never want to “challenge” our Jeeps or our offroad driving skills. Rather, I just want to get somewhere fun or interesting. for many, driving a 10-mile loop over huge boulders or deep muck is what they enjoy. That’s...
  10. 100 mile radius of Fairplay, CO (Basecamp) with 3 generations of boys

    Wyoming? Burgess Junction: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/lifestyle-trails-a-k-a-%E2%80%9Ctrails-for-pusses%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%94-list-them-here.56846/post-1640138
  11. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    UTAH Well, it’s been a while. A new trail for Pusses….. Paria Movie Road Utah escalante National Monument You will find it off of highway 89 just east of Kanab UT. this is an easy dirt road (a little muddy as one gets down towards the Paria River). Do be careful if there has been...
  12. Pull the negative?

    you asked that I come back and let you know what happened. Short answer= no issues at all. Longer answer below. a new primary battery was put in the Jeep on April 13th. On April 25th, I disconnected the battery (as described above — pull the negative off the main, disconnect aux negative...
  13. Pull the negative?

    Yes, I understand the diagrams in your post and will do exactly that.
  14. Pull the negative?

    Lol. We are not communicating perfectly….. my jeep will be in a garage at my residence. It is a communal garage there is zero opportunity to charge it via a battery charger while the battery is in the jeep (Welcome to living in an urban highrise). so…. Thanks to your advice, I will…. 1)...
  15. Pull the negative?

    Thanks. I will be gone for about 5 weeks. I WILL pull the negative as described above.
  16. Pull the negative?

    yes, I will NOT remove the positives Before I leave. unfortunately, on return, There is no way for me to do what you suggest when I return, unless I pull the entire main battery out of the jeep And bring up to my residential unit. issues?
  17. Pull the negative?

    There is zero opportunity to charge this battery, in the jeep, using any external charger before I leave. So you suggest leaving it alone before I leave and then pulling the entire battery out of the vehicle when I return and charging inside my highrise unit …. then reinstalling in the jeep...
  18. Pull the negative?

    I will be gone for 6 weeks on an international trip. No option for using a battery tender (live in a highrise and no power in my parking space to plug in… the one time I do miss a single family garage). Is the best bet to just pull the negative? Thoughts? vehicle: 2019 JLU 3.6L.
  19. Police Jeep

    Parking enforcement uses Jeeps in DENVER.