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  1. Analysis Paralysis - (Help me choose my next tire)

    I'll need to replace my tires relatively soon and while I've actually really liked the M/T2 Firestones that were OEM, I'm wanting to switch to an AT tire for better wet weather traction and a quieter ride. I looked heavily at the BFGs, Toyos, and Falkens and I'm 99.99% sure I'm going to go with...
  2. LASFIT All-Weather Floor Mats - A Review

    Note: These floor mats were provided at no cost to me by @Lasfit after they reached out to forum members gauging interest in testing their all-weather solution. Other than providing me with these on their dime, Lasfit did not offer me any other compensation or incentives for reviewing them...
  3. A/C suddenly smells terrible!

    So yesterday I drove my Jeep, A/C was going the whole time, no issues. I get in this morning and crank her up and almost immediately everything smells like moldy cheese and I mean EXACTLY like moldy cheese. My two boys are about ready to bail. I pull the cabin air filter and it’s really clean...
  4. What is Bestop up to? (SOLVED)

    Just saw this on their website. Anyone know what they’re planning on revealing? Or better yet, @Bestop you could just let us all in on the secret early:bandit:
  5. 2022 Rendezvous in the Ozarks

    Details here - early registration opened today. October is one of the best times to visit the Ozarks no matter the reason. We'll be taking our kids and potentially doing one of the guided trail runs. I'd be interested to hear your take on the event if you've been before; looks like last year's...
  6. Arkansas Sold: WTB Rotopax Lox mounts

    If you have any Rotopax Lox mounts laying around that you're not using, make me an offer. I need a total of two.
  7. Arkansas Sold: WTB Premium Twill Soft Top (Black, 4 door)

    Located in Bryant (Central Arkansas). I am already regretting not just ordering the dual top group with our Jeep. If anyone is sitting on a new or slightly used premium twill top in black (82215146AB), let me know. Would be willing to drive a few hours for a good deal.
  8. Pelican Cargo Storage - Anyone using these?

    I'm looking for a rooftop storage solution and have narrowed it down to ROAM cases and Pelican Cargo cases. Anyone running the Pelican solution or know someone who is? The mounting solution for the Pelican cases seems to be the most robust, by quite a lot. I don't want my gear getting five...