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  1. Just got back from Death Valley and noticed this...

    The Gladiators had an issue with the passenger rear seal leaking. Jeep’s fix was to replace the entire axle shaft assembly (cheaper than paying for a seal replacement). The gladiator shaft has a different profile, but the seals and other parts are the same. Not sure the real problem was actually...
  2. Went to production today.

    Can I ask how long ago you ordered? I wanted to order one, but the long wait has me looking on lots…
  3. Been Asking the Wrong Question....

    Any of those between -12 to +25 will work just fine with those tires. Within acceptable parameters, it’s mostly aesthetic preference.
  4. (update)New engine, it broke again a month later.

    I’m having a hard time reconciling these two statements as referring to the same situation.
  5. Metalcloak Front Lower Shock Relocation Brackets

    You just zip tie it around the line, to the slot on the inner side, where the metal tab used to go. Their photo is of the passenger side.
  6. Metalcloak Front Lower Shock Relocation Brackets

    I’ve used a right angle impact adapter and an impact step bit successfully in those kinds of tight spaces. As to the brake line bracket (the one that used to bolt to the lower control arm) remove it altogether using pliers and vice grips to bend it open.
  7. no power steering, battery is too low,the fan does not work.

    Did they give you a 3rd engine and this is happening?
  8. Up To 7% Below Invoice Pricing on 2024 Jeep Wranglers from Tri-City Jeep

    Hey Tri-City- What is the expected order to delivery timeline right now? I’ll hopefully be in the market soon, but don’t want to wait 6 months. I got spoiled when y’all got my Gladiator delivered in 7 weeks back in 2019.
  9. Do I need a new lift?

    I’m a hockey puck guy, but Metalcloak’s adjustable bump stop system can be added without any drilling or removing coils. Good luck.
  10. DUX SUX: I SHOT 3 PPL!!!!

    Just tell me where to park!
  11. Lifter failure prevention

    I’m not afraid of the Pentastar, but 3 of the 5 I’ve owned either had or started the tick. One of them twice, on different sides. I’ve just learned to get on the repair quickly so that the cam lobe doesn’t get damaged. I’m also not convinced there is a known fix. Some get it, and some don’t. It...
  12. Inside the 2024 Wrangler's new floating rear axle (video)

    But still nothing like the design of the new full float axle.
  13. Inside the 2024 Wrangler's new floating rear axle (video)

    I'll disagree. The AMC 20 didn't even have splines on the hub. They had a keyway, and the key would shear easily, destroying the hub and axle shaft. These look like they're splined identically to the front shaft/hub that has been used since the YJ (but improved upon over the years). I've never...
  14. Inside the 2024 Wrangler's new floating rear axle (video)

    I’d be happy to have one, being unable to justify the expense of tons and having bent axle flanges on a couple of D44s over the years. I don’t think these hubs would bend, as that’s not a tuning on the front unit bearing hubs. I wish he had reported on spline count. I don’t see the taper as a...
  15. Future Jeep plans revealed, including next-gen J70 Wrangler EV / REPB!

    Does it bother anyone else that future vehicle production is being dictated by union contracts rather than technology advances and market demand?
  16. Jeep Gladiator Driver Shears Off a Wheel in the Devil's Hot Tub, Moab.

    Trying to climb the ledge and got left front wedged in an undercut section. Popped the u-joint. Tried to keep driving 3WD, and the axle shaft yokes bound up and popped out the ball joints. Had a ball joint press delivered and made the repair. I was stupid for trying to keep driving, but...
  17. Jeep Gladiator Driver Shears Off a Wheel in the Devil's Hot Tub, Moab.

    Field repair and drive out. I’ve been there…
  18. Weird noise from axle maybe?

    Sounds like FAD. Pull it off and see if the coupler and solenoid seem to be working properly.
  19. Attention Rock Crawlers - Opinions needed! Mangle underneath!

    Just for the record, when people find this thread doing research, you can do a stabilizer relocation without a lift or adding bump stop extensions. Clayton and Metalcloak both make nice brackets to move them up without requiring any other modifications.
  20. Tire & wheel offset question. What am I doing wrong?

    It’s so refreshing to see that people have accepted offset as the standard way of comparing wheels these days. When this forum started, the arguments were all over the place, and often flat out wrong. Good job! Carry on.