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  1. Someone tell me what this is

    I don’t see any problem with @TheBirdie72 reply. He gave the answer one minute after the OP asked. The OP now has a clear explanation to what he wanted to know. Where you provided no useful info to the OP question.
  2. Hello, I have returned with an update

    @Christy +1 (702) 545-0688. Ryan is the owner of Vegas 4x4 off road. He is located in building J at the speedway park area. He was for many years an employee/tech for Clayton off road suspension on the East coast. Here in the valley we have many reputable off road shops. This shop and...
  3. Heads up, Jeep Only (AKA) Las Vegas Jeep Service Dept

    215 jeep is no better. I still like Jim Marsch jeep best.
  4. Started Lemon law case # southern CA

    I went thru BBB for my lemon Ford Ranger. In 30 days from start application on my iPhone to check in my hand was 30 days. And zero cost to me. info in my post on this forum with contact names and numbers. I have posted a few times Lemon law firms usually will not do anything until...
  5. Help needed: wheels, brands, 17s, 18s.....ahhhhh!

    I had fuel Anza wheels on my JKU. The desert out here is hard on finishes. Nothing but rocks and gravel. Fuel black wheel finish held up nicely for the 6 years I had them on. Amazing quality. I would not worry about the finish on fuels (if they still have the same quality as the years ago.
  6. In between lift kit sizes

    This is my 1.5” Clayton on 35” tires.
  7. In between lift kit sizes

    You purchase 1.5” kit and you end up with 2.5”, don’t forget. Remember many lifts are designed to be loaded down with steel, armor, etc. so if you don’t have heavy stuff your definitely getting higher lift than what’s on the box.
  8. So you think it’s top tier gas your buying

    I read an Interesting online article today about actual top tier gas stations that mentioned the website linky I posted below. If you want to verify the gas your using is actually a top tier fuel then Top tier linky. Just select country and brand. If you don’t see the brand then it’s not top...
  9. 2024 Rubicon Mpg vs Sahara

    Count on -2 mpg going to 35’s. Model trim doesn’t really matter. @Maverick909 had the best real impact to mileage that most posters don’t even address.
  10. Tire pressure

    If I air down it’s down to 18 lbs minimum If I’m going thru the trouble of airing down. 2 door, 4 door, armor or not, tire size, sand, rocks, mud etc. It all can change that number but 18 is an easy go to. Staying the upper teens and you will be ok as long as not taking sharp turns at 50mph.
  11. Where is the Comfort Setting....

    Mine turns on the seat heater and steering wheel heater only if temp is below 38f. Automatically with no interaction. Don’t know of any setting to change that. Some days it’s all on and some days it isn’t cold enough and remote start doesn‘t turn them on.
  12. help a nooB offroad wannabe out 8; - recovery gear essentials

    I like soft shackles, they are lightweight, quiet driving over bumpy trails and store easily in compartments. However I also have two different size steel shackles for standby. Look at your bumper and tow points. If there are any sharp edges you will find out after the soft shackles are cut...
  13. Buttons on back of steering wheel

    That middle button is to change the station preset. I use it the most.
  14. I ran a tank of premium

    Nope, not gonna happen for me. 16 mpg for my wrangler, and I like to drive it every time I can steal it from my wife. 70 mile round trip to go to work and back home. So I can get 4 days of travel on a tank before refill time. Never had an unhappy engine with my 2013 JKU or with the...
  15. How did you spend your first drive when you picked up your JL?

    Put two stickers on and then found a group and trail to go on. Paper temporary tags fresh from the dealer.
  16. How to define 'off-road capability'

    To really answer this question any 4wd owner needs to go out with an experienced group and hit the trails for a few hours. Not fire roads, not power line roads but trails where you stay in 4lo because that is what is needed. That is where you learn the answer to your question. Many vehicles...
  17. CA dealers have no ICE in stock - by design

    Every Summer, NV residents get a text asking to raise the a/c thermostat a coupe degrees to allow more megawatts to be sent to California because they are facing rolling brownout conditions. Each year it gets worse. Soon we will see a big blackout failure to remind the country the electrical...
  18. 2 Leaky shocks already at 23k miles... '23 Willys

    I had the driver rear let go at first couple months of ownership. Got it replaced the same day by the dealership but then I went aftermarket fox soon after in the hopes of never dealing with this again. Because you’re expecting a child and need dependable transportation you could go buy...
  19. Rotated my tires and now my backup sensors are going nuts

    I had to rotate my new 35’s. Luckily only had to make one change and test run before everything got quiet again. Really gonna hate the next 5 tire rotation if I have to deal with the alarm again.
  20. Will changing the programing for larger tires (33's to 35's) improve MPG?

    Look at the brig brain on J.F. Never thought of it like that. Me likie that reply.