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  1. Winch heat and synthetic line question

    Does it make sense to run a length of nylon chafe protection on the first layer of line to insulate it a little from the drum? I'm used to running steel line on my winches, and this is my first one with synthetic. If heat isn't a big deal, I won't bother.
  2. New half door uppers are leaking

    I bought a set of brand new half doors from someone and it looks as if they are leaking from the front where the two sets of weather strip meet. It's basically flowing right down the windshield and talking a turn into the Jeep instead of out. The uppers are seated all the way down into the...
  3. Massachusetts Sold: Premium Bestop soft doors for JLU

    I have a full set of soft doors in the premium trim. I've had them since May but was only using them until I bought a set of hard half doors. They're in excellent condition and I haven't even trimmed the upper weather stripping. They cost about $1600 a few months ago and come installed with...
  4. Are you guys going to make Core Doors for the JL, or not?

    You have a good product and process already designed, with 4 years' worth of JL bodies on the market. Jeep has sold more of these models than any other body style. I think it's about time to make some decisions. You're probably already too late to make a Spring release at this point, but...
  5. Multiple Filter Selections in Marketplace

    I would like to be able to select multiple states when I'm searching for items that are for sale. Also, it would be nice to have the ability to search with filters from the main marketplace instead of having to go through interior, exterior, suspension, etc. This way someone can see what is...
  6. I ordered a double deuce JLUR

    I decided to go ahead and stop waiting for new colors to come out. I think the wait is going to take long enough. Based on the recommendations from everyone here, I ordered it through Adam Silver here in Massachusetts. I have to say I'm happy with the deal so far. He's a straightforward and...
  7. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    I keep reading that everyone is sure we are supposed to get the new model info tomorrow. Thoughts?
  8. No more 2.0/8 speed?

    I tried to submit a build order for a Rubicon with the 2L and auto tranny last week and the dealer said it wasn't able to go through. Did I miss something? Also, the price configuration on the Jeep website shows the price of the 2L as -$1000, and it still increased the price +$1000.
  9. Maintenance Day over the weekend

    I replaced the oil pan gasket, changed the oil and tightened the belts. Ready for another summer.