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  1. POLL: Is your Jeep Male or Female?

    I didnt name mine, but it does say "willys" on it.
  2. Real world, 2 v 4 door?

    I enlisted in 1984 and learned to drive a stick in an M151
  3. Real world, 2 v 4 door?

    I just noticed you are in Sarasota. I work in Lakewood Ranch and live in North Port
  4. Real world, 2 v 4 door?

    I much preferred the old M151 over a hummer. Easy to bang out a dent in one of those than the HMMWV :)
  5. Real world, 2 v 4 door?

    I drive a 2 door and wife has a 4 door. If we are doing road trips or have anyone besides just me and her we always take her 4 door.
  6. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello, just joined the forums this week. I purchased a 2022 2D Willys and my wife drives a 2020 Unlimited. She didn't want to get hers dirty so I had to get one for myself. We traded in our BMWs for the Jeeps and although the ride isn't as smooth it is MUCH more fun.