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  1. Georgia Sold: ACT clutch JP5 kit for 3.6

    ACT street mass clutch upgrade for manual Jeeps. $950 shipped.
  2. Has anyone done vegetable or fryer oil in your diesel?

    I know this is a common mod for other diesels, and there was mention of it in the apocalypse thread. Has anyone actually done this? I was Jeep shopping online and saw a 3.0 pop up and it made me wonder.
  3. Anyone install Morimoto Headlights?

    Anyone running these? I did a quick search but nothing came up. https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/headlights/lf517-morimoto-super7-2-0-headlights
  4. Steering stabilizer talk

    At 44k I'm finally experiencing some intermittent wobble. I'm obviously going to check everything but I'm assuming I will need a stabilizer. I'm sure Teraflex is great but I don't want to spend $400. The Fox 2.0 seems popular, is there anyone else I should consider?
  5. Seat Release Cable Handle

    Really sucks. I've already replaced the passenger side once, has broken again. Luckily still usable but I'm ordering 2 more to keep one on hand. There has been a revision so maybe this one will be better? 6QD06TX7AE (passenger) 6QD05TX7AE (driver) $9.76 each plus $6.93 shipping from...
  6. Locker sensors...unplug them until they can be potted?

    I am getting the intermittent locker light. Have the epoxy for the sensors but I have ARB covers on the way, want to knock this out next weekend or the following. Will unplugging them in the meantime save them from being ruined? I assume there is already some fluid inside but it hasn't...
  7. Georgia K&N Blackhawk Intake for 3.6 $250

    Low miles, makes a great sound and adds a little power. Fits 18-23 Wranglers. $250 shipped.
  8. Georgia Sold: FREE- JLR Rubicon 2 Door Springs

    Free to a good home, will ship. From 2020 2 door Rubicon, springs only. (Standard bumpers, no tow package.)