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  1. Lifestyle Trails (A.K.A. “Trails for Pusses”) — list them here!!!!!

    Western North Carolina anyone? Thanks in advance!
  2. Jeep JK falling off Black Bear Pass

    I no longer want to drive Black Bear Pass...holy cow.
  3. Leather or Cloth Seats

    Leather seats preferred in my opinion. But...everyone's right on this thread - they're hot & make your nether-region sweat in the summer. We bought these & have been very happy. They fit right over the seat and are machine washable. We use them in summer when we're exercising, swimming...
  4. I finally got the toplift pro!

    Careful of the rubber pads!
  5. TopLift Pro warning

    So I did finally have a conversation with the manufacturer. They were cordial but not much help. They said they were looking at the issue & experimenting with how to remove the staining as I'm not the only person who this has happened to. They also said they were improving their product to...
  6. TopLift Pro warning

    I swapped out the hardtop for the soft top in May - so basically 4 months. I noticed it about a month ago but assumed it'd wipe off...bad assumption. The lift is mechanically sound but if you have one, I definitely recommend placing a cap or shim over the rubber stopper from day one.
  7. Top Lift Pros Reviews

    See thread below. I've been happy with the device itself but unfortunately it permanently stained my hardtop. If you purchase, be sure to cover the rubber stops anywhere it contacts the hardtop.
  8. Black Hardtop Protection

    Agree. The Turtle Wax Ice product now has a new formula with UV protection I believe. It has no curing time, can be sprayed on the entire vehicle, & leaves no residue like traditional wax. I've been using it this year on all our vehicles & it's been excellent with good longevity.
  9. Undercarriage wash detergent?

    I'm pretty OCD about exterior and interior cleaning: probably 8-10 times year with the pressure washer. However, I only wash the undercarriage after a really muddy weekend trip or when the roads have been salted & weather finally clears up. I think I've used the undercarriage cleaner 2-3...
  10. Undercarriage wash detergent?

    I purchased this for my pressure washer & have used it multiple times with just water. Probably need at least a 2600 PSI pressure washer to get adequate pressure. Only takes 15 minutes. It seems to do a great job cleaning. Granted, I'm in the south so we're definitely not getting as much salt...
  11. TopLift Pro warning

    Thanks Thinman. I tried a couple of different cleaning solvents and sanding yesterday and unfortunately the staining is deep into the fiberglass. Back to painting or covering it up with a headliner I guess. Not the end of the world but pretty disappointed with Toplift for using a cheap part...
  12. TopLift Pro warning

    That’s smart Jeepney, wish I’d thought that far ahead! Never expected it to be a problem though, figured TopLift would’ve worked something this basic out already. :swear:
  13. TopLift Pro warning

    I purchased a top lift pro for my 2020 Jeep with the dual top option. Happy with the device itself but unfortunately it stained my hard top. The two stability braces have black rubber end caps on them and they’ve permanently stained the fiberglass hard top leaving two black rings. It won’t come...
  14. Does anyone adjust headlights after lift?

    Very helpful Rhinebeck01, thanks. I'm in a stock Sahara but get flashed by oncoming drivers nearly every night I'm driving with the low beams on.
  15. Dr. Colorchip

    I have not used the Dr. colorchip product on my 2020 JLUS (firecracker Red) but I did use it on my 2016 BMW (dark metallic blue). I didn't take before/after pictures but the product worked great and was easy to apply. Paint match was exact. I'll probably use it every couple of years for routine...
  16. Best way to “limit” dust with top and doors off?

    Air compressor. Best advice for dust in nooks & crannies in this video - FF to 6:00 min mark.
  17. Disadvantages of having the top off - whats your story??

    that’s a good one. My story was last summer when I got stuck in slow, bumper to bumper traffic behind a ripe garbage truck. Disgusting, I might as well have been riding in the back with the garbage. On a good note, I love driving at night, seeing the stars & hearing all the night sounds (lots of...
  18. Mopar Soft Top Window Storage Bag Help

    Check out this thread with pics:
  19. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    Oh, one more thing - make sure you check your fuses upon delivery to make sure they're seated .
  20. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    We bought a 2020 Sahara early (ordered in Sept 2019 for wife) and have just over 10,000 miles on it. My main concern was steering. Steering is a little sloppy but not the horror stories I read about online. Ours is loaded (upgraded stereo, Selectrac, towing, dual top, aux switches, cold...