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  1. Possible new camping tent

    Thanks for the reply. I hear ya on the straps slapping against the jeep in wind. I had already thought of wrapping them with rags after set up to avoid the noise and scratching.
  2. Possible new camping tent

    Thanks for the info. I never really heard of Rightline before seeing this tent which is why I was asking for info. Talking about the zipper quality is exactly the advice I was looking for.
  3. Possible new camping tent

    Thanks for the input. Yeah, the wiper straps did concern me. I will find another way to strap that part of the tent down. Doesn't seem to smart strapping anything to flimsy wiper blades.
  4. Possible new camping tent

    Has anyone used this Ridgeline tent? I'm thinking about getting one and want to get feedback from people who have used/owned it.
  5. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Love these decals. Where did you find those? I was about to order the standard American flags for mine but I like yours better.
  6. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got the new jeep on some dirt! Also, first time the dogs have been offroading, they got used to bouncing around pretty quick.
  7. License Plate Relocation Options

    Finally got the new bumper and license plate re-location bracket on. For those worried about it sticking out too far it's not bad. I have OEM fenders and the bracket doesn't even stick our past them. Here's a couple of pics from straight on from the back.
  8. License Plate Relocation Options

    Looks good! I don't have mine on yet. LOD sent me the wrong hardware for my bumper so had to wait a few more days for them to send the right stuff. By the way, they were very easy to work with and even threw in the LED bolt lights for free because of their mistake. I'll post some pics when I...
  9. License Plate Relocation Options

    I actually just received the bracket and my rear bumper on Friday. I plan on installing them this week. I'll let you know how it fit when I get it installed.
  10. Is your JLUR level side to side?

    I thought about that so filled up the tank... same gangsta lean to the passenger side.
  11. Is your JLUR level side to side?

    Thanks for the info, I worked on P-3's most of my career, they are land based so no carriers.
  12. Is your JLUR level side to side?

    Wow, this thread went sideways really quick. LOL. If 325lbs is the average Jeep owner I need to start eating more. Me and the girlfriend together are less than that! If I add the 2 dogs in then we are right about average!
  13. Is your JLUR level side to side?

    Cool, was hoping it was normal.
  14. Is your JLUR level side to side?

    I have had my 2020 JLUR for about a month now. I replaced the front OEM plastic bumper with an LOD steel one. I noticed that it looked crooked (lower on the passenger side) and thought I messed up installing it. Turns out the whole jeep leans to the passenger side when empty. It measures an...
  15. Question about the center instrument display

    So in the 11 days I have had my Jeep I couldn't get it out of that "Motion" message display. But I just read your reply and went and tried it again and now it's cycling through for me. Hopefully it was operator error (me being a noob) and not a computer glitch. Thanks for the speedy replies...
  16. Question about the center instrument display

    That's exactly what i'm looking for. I can get my speed to display in the small center spot (where yours says "speedometer") but can't get anything in the large center section except that in motion saying.
  17. Question about the center instrument display

    Yeah, I understand that. But I can't find the menu item to select what I want displayed in the big center section. I can only find the top left, center, and right sections.
  18. Question about the center instrument display

    I have a 2020 JLUR. I'm trying to have my speed displayed on the big center portion of the display. All it says is "can't enter setup mode when vehicle is in motion." I stop and go through the setup menu but can't find a way to setup that center section. Owner's manual was no help.
  19. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Well, picked up the Jeep on 3/31 and today I completed my first (real) mod. Installed new front bumper. Still waiting on LOD to send the rear bumper.
  20. Plastic bumper LED foglight wiring removal, HELP!

    Thanks Greg! After taking a break and eating dinner last night I figured it out that I needed to take that metal bracket off. Did that and was able to remove the harness! Thanks again for the reply.