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  1. Rockjock Tow Bar Mounting Kit

    I had the Currie on my JK and it worked great. But it wasn't available yet when I set the new JT up to flat tow. So, I went with the Maximus-3 tow loops. The Currie has the mounts closer together than other tow bar mounts. It didn't seem to matter on the JK, just wondering why they do that?
  2. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    I bought the same Blue Ox adapters from Amazon as well. They came with these washers that fit perfectly with the Maximus tow loops.
  3. Maximus-3 JL Tow Loops (Front & Rear)

    I am using the Maximus-3 tow loops with a Rugged Ridge Arcus winch bumper on my Gladiator. The Arcus provided bolts were not long enough to get through the added width of the beefy Maximus tow loops. No problem. I replaced all the Arcus bolts with longer grade 8 bolts. I have towed the Jeep on a...
  4. Rock Jock Base Plate for 2018-2020 JL

    My understanding is that there are two different mounting plates depending on which model/bumper your Jeep came with. I had the Currie set up on my previous JK and it worked beautifully. I liked how the towbar mounts were below the bumper, so I didn't have as tall of a riser to tow my lifted...