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  1. Anyone Switching to a 4-Door Due To 2-Door Delays?

    Thanks - as much as I was psyched for a JL several things tipped me back towards the JK - even things that Many might consider superficial like color choices.
  2. Anyone Switching to a 4-Door Due To 2-Door Delays?

    Actually that’s exactly what I did
  3. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    I’ve looked for them- you know how many I’ve actually seen? ZERO unless you see one parked or coming from the other lane/ opposite direction- it’s going to be very hard to notice
  4. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    I’ve lurked here for a while but I’m also pulling the trigger on a 2018 JK Willy’s W with more extras than a comparably priced JL Sport S even has available. Maybe in a few years the JL’s will offer a better mid range gearing option with better pricing and after all the early bugs are worked...
  5. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    I know, right? I’m pretty close to closing on a brand new fresh from Toledo JK 2 door Willy’s W - a little bit of a drive, but nearly 5k off with plenty of extras, Automatic, power convenience group, hard top, LED lights, towing, etc. It’ll be my first Wrangler and after much back and forth...
  6. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    Right, but you could get a 2 door Willy’s JK with a 3.73 ratio- for around lower 30k range - unlimited for a little more - you’re not getting that gearing on the JL it’s either 3.45 or 4.1 no in between. Some people care more about what the car’s got than a cool new infotainment system Just saying
  7. Made my decision... and it's a JK

    The problem is that not every dealer is biting on under invoice pricing, never mind 5%-7% and not everyone is willing to travel to get it or finds it realistic to
  8. Buying a JK instead of a JL - Interesting Perspective

    I’m in the same boat- teeter tottering between JL and just getting a JK willy’s 2 door myself- getting the newest thing also means basically being FCA’s test market / guinea pig for whatever could potentially be wrong with these JL’s that we haven’t really heard about yet. I already did that...
  9. First JLU with soft top

    Very cool- did you need spacers to fill the gap from 7.5” stock width to 12.5”? I assume
  10. Deep sunscreen tint windows

    Im assuming it’s standard on every model above the base Sport because the base sport is the only one that has the option at an additional cost on the configurator site. I guess if you DON’T want the deep tint sunscreen you’re SOL unless you’re going for the base model. Another confusing...
  11. Video: A look at the MOPAR rear cargo mat / seat protectors and how to install them

    Considering my 2 door will probably just have the rear seats down from the start, I may invest in this- but it seems like something that’d be easier / cheaper to make from a few shop floor mats that can be had at Home Depot/ Lowe’s I mean I just lay out a heavy duty tarp in the back of my...

    The 2 door is becoming more and more rare - kinda makes me want it even more
  13. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Now THAT’S pretty cool!!
  14. JL Wrangler **Base Model Club**

    LOL I was thinking the same- I’m like- wow I can get a 4 door WITH AC for a little bit more, but also tossed that idea in the trash. No little kids here ( my step kids are all grown) it’s usually just me or myself and my 4 doors just feels like 2 too many for me. I mean I was even...
  15. Dealer Logos / Decals on your JL

    The only way I’m going to be a driving free advertisement for any dealership is if they cut off a really nice chunk of the final cost, and even then only for a few weeks to a month- tops. I took those dealership tags off my current car almost immediately
  16. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Agreed- the only way I’d know for sure is to actually see it “in person “ ( so to speak)
  17. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Opinions vary with some colors, but I agree after seeing several actual images posted here on the forum. Punk’n appears more red than orange to me too. I was originally going to select Punk’n, but after seeing the photos posted- I don’t think it’s what I want. To be clear , I think color can be...

    Against the black, it Kinda actually DOES look cool with the lighter colored fenders and bumpers - would be nice as an actual option- not sure how it’d look against other colors though
  19. 3.0L diesel for short trips around town mostly?

    Thanks for this thread- my daily commute to work is about 12 miles each way ( so 24/25 a day) most of those roads are 35 mph - 50 mph roads - I might get up to 55 mph on a very brief stretch of highway before I’m back on local roads again- so I rarely ever see real highway speeds of 65 and up...