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  1. JLU XL

    This is a nice one. If Jeep offers the XL, you could make it even better than this one.
  2. JLU XL

    Exactly the same length of an Unlimited with the spare tire in the back. Diesel 2.8l engine (like the one I have in my liberty), riding on 35" and iron wheels. Cannot be better, I would sell my soul for one (of course with the 3.0l ecodiesel). Not much left to customize except adding few things...
  3. JLU XL

    This would be even longer than the Africa Concept, which is a plus for overlnaders like me.
  4. Wrangler worth paying the premium?

    I have heard rumors that Ford Bronco will be based on Ford Troller. Ford Troller is just as capable as Wrangler minus the top and door coming off.
  5. Wrangler worth paying the premium?

    With the mortgage, kids' college funds, mother's retirement home expenses... not everyone has the luxury of not paying attention to the price.
  6. Horsepower vs Torque

    I don't understand this question. People wanting to get diesel is because of high toruqe in low rev. My CRD is behaving like a beast in 1800-2200 rpm. I never have heard someone planning to get a diesel because of its horsepower.
  7. Wrangler worth paying the premium?

    Hello All, I am sure there will be a lot flames and insults towards me, but that is OK. I am into overlanding, never going near any rocks to crawl. I have been doing overlanding for more than 25 years now. My current ride is a 2006 Liberty CRD. Once I heard that Wrangler will be offering...