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  1. Texas Rubicon LED Fog Lights

    We did end up trading, but thank you for the follow up. Feedback for @Rickyr727 - absolutely top notch transaction...thank you!
  2. Texas Rubicon LED Fog Lights

    With a date of 2017, could these be off of a JK? I'm not 100% sure on the part numbers for these, but I have a steel bumper which requires the 2 bolt...if these will fit, I'd trade you my 4 bolt LED's...
  3. North Carolina NEW 2020 4 DR Factory Sunrider Soft Top For Sale

    If you were in MN, I'd take it! You might want to specify if it is the premium twill (I assume it is). Good luck with your sale - and enjoy your new JLUR!
  4. And the Rubi Suspension is On!

    Wow - that looks perfect! Those 275/70/18 KO2's on the black altitude wheels make a big difference, too!
  5. Minnesota Mopar “Beadlocks” w/ red powder coated rings + Milestar Patagonia 34’s

    Yes - those pics are on stock suspension. I have since added a "Rubi lift" here's a rough after shot...
  6. Custom antenna (bored during quarantine)

    That is fantastic!
  7. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    I've got a "Rubi" lift at the moment, but I'd love the Fox shocks and a 2.5" for a bit more clearance on my "justa" Sport :D
  8. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    @Outdoor_explorer - thanks for sharing your build info and more pics! I'm inspired for sure - in fact, I think you've finally pushed me over the edge to pull the trigger on the Method 701's. Your black Cali custom plate is PERFECT, too! Be well!
  9. Is this a good deal?

    Don't know much about the deal or the wheel, but the bronze is HOT! One of my favorite builds here is Punkin' w/ Bronze wheels - I love it!
  10. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    Thanks for sharing your story - this is one of my favorite builds on here. It is just perfect - so clean! I'm not normally crazy about silver wheels, but those Mopars are absolutely PERFECT! Love it!
  11. Michigan Factory JL Rubicon LED Fog Lights

    Trade for the 4 screw bracket non-steel Rubicon LED's? Worth shot :D
  12. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Yes!!! @Outdoor_explorer - more pics, please!!!!!
  13. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    Old post, I know...but I love your build! Been wrestling with whether to get bronze Method 701's or get my Mopar "beadlocks" coated in bronze.
  14. PRP Seat Covers

    I've been sort of following your Jeep - I love it. I haven't seen too many silver wheels that I like, but I absolutely LOVE yours! Anyway - back on topic...did you order any tweed seats yet? I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger...still working on the design/colors! After my original...
  15. 1up Bike Rack with Reverse Side Plate Option is Perfect for JL!

    Thank you for posting this - I have been wanting to get a 1up rack since my brother in law got one for his RAM truck, but I wasn't sure if an extension was needed. This seems to be absolutely perfect!
  16. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Do you have any pics you could share?
  17. Soda's Sting Gray Build

    Cool to see another Minnesota Sport here...I, too, really wanted a Rubi, but just couldn't justify it. I love what you've done to far, just wheels, tires, sliders, and a "Rubi" lift for mine. Trying to resist more...trying... Also, sweet motorcycle build!
  18. Nebraska Bestop Sunrider black twill $500

    Nice - wish you were in MN. Good luck with your sale!
  19. Achilles desert hawk m/t

    A log of folks here running the Milestar Patagonia MT's...I found a deal on the 295/70/17's (cheaper than the 285/70/17's) and love them so far.