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  1. Picking a Wrangler...could use some help.

    Love my Sport S with Rubi Takeoff tires wheels and Suspension. Recommend safety package for lane change and cross path warning. Wife’s car has adaptive cruise and I hate it. I have dual top which I’m very happy with. Highly recommend, but if I had to pick only 1 , I’d go with my soft top now...
  2. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    I have a dual top. Changed Rubi takeoff wheels/ 33’s over summer. Put hard top on Labor Day. Measurements I gave were with with hard top day before and day after changing suspension.
  3. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Can you please delete your post At least the non Jeep pics attached my phone added multiple pics after I selected 4 Thanks
  4. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Formally measured before adding Rubi suspension to my Sport S 15 7/8” to bottom of Rock sliders 36” to fender flares After upgrade 18 to bottom of Rock sliders 38 1/8” to fender flares. Gained noticeable height earlier when upgrading to Rubi Takeoffs, just didn’t measure Pics below Stock Rubi...
  5. Spacer lift or Rubi takeoffs?

    Re leveling spacers When I had my Rubi suspension done I asked if I needed leveling spacers. Was told by Globex (reputable mod shop in NJ) only needed if I was planning to add SS bumper/ winch. Had the LCA from Mopar lift installed. Drives smooth
  6. Which model should I buy- Rubicon or?

    Believe it boils to A can you afford it B are you planning to wheel? Live in NJ. Need to be able to get to work no matter the conditions, but not doing any crazy off roading. Got a 2019 Sport s for $39500 (msrp 44000). Was debating Sport S vs Rubi. Similar package Rubi would have run me $49k...
  7. Spacer lift or Rubi takeoffs?

    Just picked up my 2019 today after getting Rubi takeoff suspension installed with the Mopar LCA's. Paid $625 for 1. suspension 2. to have the TPMS sensors pulled from my stock tires and installed in my Rubi takeoff 285's I've been driving on and 3. Alignment. Gained solid 2". Measured height...
  8. Just ordered my Jeep... Now what?

    Search for build hardtop cart on the thread. $40 in materials. Swapped my soft top back to the hard top with my 5’5” 120 pound wife yesterday. Soft top stores easily on that same cart after. Didn’t think I’d ever need the soft top until I put it on. Flipped it back in 5 seconds every time I...
  9. Tried (and failed) negotiating on a Rubicon today...thoughts?

    Don't think they can hold you to anything if they never mentioned pricing or no deposit
  10. Tried (and failed) negotiating on a Rubicon today...thoughts?

    Most importantly, get what you want. Don't settle and get close to what you want. You'll regret it every time you see the car you really wanted. Used AutoTrader to find the car I wanted. No discounts were available in local NJ dealers. Everything negotiated over phone and confirmed via email...
  11. Add lift in NJ

    . Globex reasonable. They can swap out my TPMS sensors and do alignment as well. Thanks all
  12. Add lift in NJ

    Thank you all. Local dealer won’t install takeoffs. I’ll check out those places
  13. Add lift in NJ

    I do appreciate the offer. Looking for professional install. Put 22k mi on in past 12 months. Not looking to do on my own. Thanks
  14. Add lift in NJ

    I have a 2019 JLU Sport S. Bought a Rubi takeoff suspension and the longer LCA’s. Looking to get installed. Any recommendations for a good reliable shop in Westfield, NJ area.
  15. Rubicon suspension on a JL sport

    Thanks. Also saw people mentioning the load level spacer kit. Is that necessary
  16. Rubicon suspension on a JL sport

    Just got a Rubi suspension kit. Sounds like the longer LCA's are worth it. Do you have the part number?
  17. Is it hard to keep your interior cool?

    In NJ. Had hardtop on last summer. Soft top on this one. Black Hardtop cooled off quicker than black soft top. Need to open the windows a minute to let the hot air out with the soft top. Flip the top back as often as possible - really unless traveling on highway and imminently going to rain...
  18. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Per one post you have a TPMS business. You have a website? Thanks
  19. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Saw a set of 5 of the AA for $129. Believe they want $30 a tire to remove the old ones to remount and balance. - this in addition to the new mount and balance. Original Tires in great shape. Saving them to put on my son’s car when his tires need to be replaced in a few months.
  20. Correct OEM TPMS sensors?

    Looking online for TPMS sensors for 2019 JLU. Bought Rubi takeoff Wheels/rims w 285/70R17 supposedly with TPMS sensors inside. Took home mounted the tires- no sensors. Had dealer check- none inside. What are the correct OEM sensors? I’ve seen Mopar 68406537AA, but have also seen Mopar 56029398AB...