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  1. What would you buy for your jeep with a $50 gift card?

    I would vote Mopar Grab handles or 67 Designs phone mount.
  2. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    I guess I would be pretty shocked if I saw this thing under my hood. Your thing is in a different location than his thing.
  3. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    All this anticipation and yet we still have no picture of the elusive "Thing."
  4. 2021 engine bay has a new item by alt

    Def a Flux Capacitor.
  5. JL 2018 Front Wheel question

    Like other said tire was prob rubbing at some point and was cut to clear. Don't think its worth wasting your time at a dealer they wont do anything. I would say nothing to worry about. If it really bothers you could order a new one but its kinda a pain since you have to remove some of the...
  6. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    I believe they were called procomp phasers in 17x9 I believe. Sorry no longer have that Jeep.
  7. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    I meant it was replaced with the normal ESS. Thought that was self explanatory. We all know that they all have engine stop start.
  8. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    In the 18's and 19's it was an upgraded additional cost since it came with the eTorque. In the 20+ its actually a discount since they have since removed the eTorque and replaced it with the normal ESS.
  9. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    I run 93 in mine. Like others have said if you drive normal I'm sure 87 is fine. I run 93 for two main reasons. First I got this engine for the fun driving experience and enjoy getting the best performance out of it. Second is that with these direct injection engines I have read that they can...
  10. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Nice wheel choice :like:. I maybe a little partial haha
  11. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Ahh don't tempt me haha. Ive caught myself browsing the corvette classified more than I need to be recently. I had a C5 some years back and it was a blast to drive. Im sure the C7 is very fun.
  12. Front light with "Leak" on it

    Just a guess but maybe it's from the factory and they identified a leak in the headlight during a water test. Maybe they fixed and maybe they forgot. I wouldn't worry to much as you have your full warranty. I would just keep a close eye out for moisture in the light.
  13. Can you polish a black hard top?

    Never really tried anything else. From everything I read I did not try any polish since I didn't want to make it worse. I just occasionally coat with 303 after washing and forget it.
  14. Rubicon rear bumper end caps misaligned

    I believe the passenger side is about 1/4 inch lower then the drivers side. I think its always like that. I'm assuming its just one of the thin metal brackets its connected to is a little off. Again not a big deal for anyone that wants to tell me its a Jeep and to live with it ect, I more than...
  15. Rubicon rear bumper end caps misaligned

    Not a big deal just noticed last night it looks like the end caps on my Rubicons plastic rear bumper that meet the fender on one side is higher than the other. Bumper looks pretty straight. Anyone else notice this? I'm assuming its just one of the many QC issues and no rear fix until I replace...
  16. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Color looks very nice in the sun from that picture, I'm sure it looks killer in person. I agree with black accents look great. Looking forward to seeing some builds with this color.
  17. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Is this anyone on here? Picked up some Moe's for dinner and came back to some Punkin parked next to my Rubi.
  18. No 3.6 auto with out ETORQUE?

    Yea def not saying I like or agree with everything that happens due to CAFE stuff, I do like my eTorque tho. Just saying that more than likely this is just the way it will be.
  19. No 3.6 auto with out ETORQUE?

    Something I don't think people realize is that all vehicles will be some form of hybrid or mild hybrid within the coming years. Nothing anyone can do to stop it. CAFE requirements and emissions will keep getting stricter and this is one of the first steps of many.
  20. Weathertechs or Mopar mats?

    I had the Mopar ones from the factory and honestly didn't like taking out the factory plug and having the floor mat seal in there. Maybe its just OCD but just feel that the factory plug will have a better seal than the mats. I replaced with the Quadratec Weathertech mats. I guess they partnered...