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  1. Moab - October? Ouray - September?

    Hey, I'm looking to do the Rubicon in about 3 years when I retire. That takes a lot of Time and pre planning on my part because of some complications. But I do have May 2021 set aside for a return trip to Moab. Possibly a couple trails in Colorado if the trails are open. I may consider Two...
  2. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    LOL, that's like saying: All people with Blue eyes have blonde hair!, Excluding people with Blue eyes and brown, red or Black hair. You cant selectively choose and exclude any data when testing a Hypothesis in order to make your point valid. Doing so corrupts the whole experiment.
  3. 2H vs 4H

    I go into 4H when my tires leave pavement.
  4. Moab - October? Ouray - September?

    Nice, Did you come down the left side of the loop or the right side?
  5. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    I own a Rubicon and have noticed that, just like any other community, there are those Status Warriors that try to act superior to others. Its embarrassing to me that these posers would belittle anyone else. I would never treat anyone like that. Like I said, I own a Rubicon and while on a...
  6. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    You do not need a weight distribution hitch. the trailer is not heavy enough for one. you should get a brake controller. the trailer comes equipped with electronic braking and its a big comfort having it. You should get a sway bar, this makes a huge difference. We drove it across country and...
  7. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    You can toss that theory out. JLUR here
  8. BFG Ko2's suck that bad in rain?

    Well you said yourself, "your new to Jeeps" A jeep is an off road truck that people drive on the streets. A set of AT tires won't give you the Road comfort and traction that you expect from street tires. As far as AT tires go, KO2's are very good tires. I think your issue is in Operator Error...
  9. Florida 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    10k on the tires, zero on the spare. I prefer to sell the tires with the rims.
  10. Florida 2019 Rubi tires and wheels

    Still Available Rubi take off Tires and wheels with lug nuts. No TPMS. 10K on these except the spare is new. asking $1000 obo. Must pick up in Jacksonville area. Not in a hurry to sell, they make the inside of my shed look good but you can still buy them.
  11. Florida 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    Yes I still have it and I also have the Rubi tires and wheels if interested
  12. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    Mine fit perfectly and held up strong. Been Rock crawling in Moab with plenty of impacts to the rails and they did great.
  13. Florida Roll Call!

    I went on the site on the 6th and it looked like most were sold out. i dont want to go if i cant do a trail and i dont want to spend $350 for the ultimate package.
  14. No Lift Off-Roading People

    stock JLUR with 35's are just fine. Just pick the right line and have a spotter if you need. the JLUR is a beast and I am impressed with what it can do off road. add a good Diff skid plate front and back and have a blast
  15. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    One of the most common underbody damages done in Moab has been damage to the Diff cover. when that happens, your basically dead in the water if you crack it open. Replacing the cover requires more work, more cost and breaking the seal. Installing Skid plates are cheaper, easy to install...
  16. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    OK so I think is a harmless way to show that someone who loves jeeps recognizes you for your rig. If you don't want someone else to give you a friendly, Harmless duck on your jeep or maybe your jealous cause no one is Ducking you, then just Duck Yourself.
  17. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    I have the Smittybilts and took them out to Moab. They don't take away from clearance because the bottom tube is at the same height as the body frame. while in Moab these Rails came in handy because at times the rails were relied upon to ride over Rock like a Skid. these rails took the impact...
  18. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Geo-Pro 15TB. 2670 lbs with a hitch weight of 362 lbs.
  19. Wrangler unlimited trailer towing

    I bought a GeoPro 15tb and although its weight was well within the tow limits of 3500 lbs., the hitch weight exceeded the 350 lbs. I decided to place my vehicle recovery gear into the rear compartment of the RV behind the axle. This took some extra weight off my rear axle when i removed the...