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  1. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Mind if I tag along on the 24th?
  2. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Download the Badges of Honor app by Jeep. After you register on the app, you’ll be able to see all the trails they have badges for. They’ll send you a badge after you check in and complete a trail. All for free.
  3. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Thanks for the insight! That’s encouraging to hear about Crawler Ridge.
  4. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Three badges available for running trails there; Trail #11, Crawl Daddy, and Crawler Ridge. The the first one is a green trail and suited for stock rigs. The other two are red or blue and not recommended for stock rigs w/o 35’s and a 2 inch lift at a minimum. I definitely want to hit Trail...
  5. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Anyone planning to or wanting to meet up for Rausch Creek and get some badges this weekend? Looking to do Green trails Saturday or Sunday.
  6. Jeepers unite to extract Jeep stuck on cliff of a bike trail

    That’s the first thing I thought when I read the article.
  7. Jeepers unite to extract Jeep stuck on cliff of a bike trail

    This is one of those “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” deals... Background story: There's a Jeep Wrangler Dangling Off a Cliff in California After Some Fool Drove Up a Bike Trail Recovery video:
  8. Rausch Creek 29 Aug

    Had plans to do some green trails with a buddy this upcoming Saturday. He just bailed on me. Anyone feel like meeting up to do a green run this Saturday? -Ray
  9. Forget the Bronco, THIS is the real Wrangler competitor!

    I wonder how many threads on the VW Beetle forum the builder researched before settling on that particular lift kit.
  10. Off roading / Overlanding movie

    Yup, still an opinion.
  11. Off roading / Overlanding movie

    Well, that’s one opinion.
  12. Pennsylvania Sold - Selling TopLift Pro for 700

    Still available?
  13. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    They won’t. I tried to do so online and it said the item wasn’t eligible for the coupon. The fine print On the coupon says it cannot be used on items that are already discounted. I’d wait until the discount ends on 19 Aug and use the coupon for $120 off list price.
  14. Top things you DON'T like about the New JL Wrangler

    Here’s the humor of every forum in the history of the interwebz.... If you start a thread about a topic that already has it’s own thread, someone will let you know you should have researched the forum because the topic has already been covered. This usually happens within the first 5 replies to...
  15. OMW to Rausch Creek

    One more before I call it a night...
  16. OMW to Rausch Creek

    I got a LOT of video on the GoPro, but it'll be a bit before I can go through it and put something together for here. So, these are the last of the contributions from today's ride. It was an awesome day and I will definitely be going back many more times!
  17. OMW to Rausch Creek

    I didn't do the beginner's course, but did do a run on the green trails with ORC. I'd be surprised if you didn't have a blast doing the 101 course. The group that did it today came back in as we were airing up our tires and they were all grinning ear to ear. I've already decided I'll do their...
  18. OMW to Rausch Creek

    I'm a member on that forum as well, but I don't frequent it much. I'll have to start looking on there more often. Thanks for the heads up!