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  1. For You, My Deer

    Bull bars ... that is so Canadian :) Truthfully though, no point in bothering with a bull bar. A steel bumper with a hoop will suffice. About the only things you can protect your jeep from, with a bull bar, are White Tails, Black Tails, and Mulies, and Sheep and Goats if you're going that high...
  2. Need advice: Clutch replacement

    From where you are you might be better off shipping your U.S. purchase to New Zealand or Australia first, then onto Vanuatu. Chances are that it will ship quicker that way as opposed to a direct shipment. Alternatively, source suppliers that keep stock in either NZ or AU.
  3. Accessories, mods and gear will eclipse payload and GVWR

    Oopps ... sorry bro ... missed that part.
  4. Accessories, mods and gear will eclipse payload and GVWR

    It will say right on the side of the tire.
  5. What is the worst dealer behavior that you've observed?

    I actually have a copy of TValue which is the software that bankers use to calculate interest rates, payments, terms, etc. A $55,000.00 loan over 72 months at $1,228.00 per month works out to 17.145% interest, or more colloquially known as credit card interest ... LOL The total interest paid...
  6. Unknown electric plug

    Just because there are fuses in the box, and connectors on the harness, doesn't necessarily mean they connect to anything. Typically they are one wiring harness and one fuse box fits all.
  7. You Get What You Pay For..

    Just going by memory here since I don't have a lot of time ... a couple years ago there was an accident in Arizona involving a self driving vehicle (SDV) and a pedestrian. The pedestrian lost, even though she stepped immediately in front of the SDV, the car did have time to conclude it's...
  8. Jeepers unite to extract Jeep stuck on cliff of a bike trail

    You're suggesting a Lloyd's Open Form ??? ... LOL
  9. Gladiator gets Nacho and Gecko colors! What about the Wrangler?

    Punk'n with more metallic in it would be my choice. Bright orange and lots of glitter ... LOL
  10. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    It has been my experience that ECM's calculate to a near infinite number of decimals, plus they tend to exclude idle time, or some odd algorithm of idle time. That is likely where you are seeing a difference between your hand calculations and the onboard computer calculations.
  11. Diesel Burns oil

    All it is is Urea, a.k.a. liquid nitrogen. You'd have to dilute it about 50/50 though.
  12. New Jeep Wrangler Willy owner color delemma.

    Depending on how the sunlight hits it, it could be an awesome look :)
  13. Diesel Burns oil

    That's good to know. DEF is way better than a straight EGR solution (which has yet to work for anyone), but it's not a bullet proof system either. What we're finding in the trucking industry, regardless of the engine you run, is that DEF issues will eventually crop up. The most common ones are...
  14. Diesel Burns oil

    Come on ... let's be honest ... if you're driving anything with a Paccar in it, your spending more time in the shop than you are on the road right??? ... LOL Seriously though, if you have water in the oil, or oil in the water, or fuel anywhere but in the fuel system, there is a problem. Diesels...
  15. New Jeep Wrangler Willy owner color delemma.

    My 2 cents worth ... Wrapping is becoming more and more popular. You can wrap a white Jeep black (or any other color for that matter), but you can't wrap a black Jeep white unless you use a very thick vinyl which difficult to get back off.
  16. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Man does that bring back memories! Mine, way back when i was 17, was a '77 K-5, two-tone beige and dark brown. Lifted it lord knows how high, stuffed a set of 44" mudders under it (with a bit of a fender trim). Put a small block, 4 bolt main 350 in it that cranked out 750 ponies, and a 400 Turbo...
  17. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    Add to that, in all of human history, mankind has never eradicated a virus ... never.
  18. Jeep people

    BAHAHAHAHA ... YES !!! I was in a 2020 Freightliner Cascadia EVO shunting a load across town ... LOL
  19. Just got road raged by a Karen

    Been meaning to get back to this post for a bit ... As a commercial fleet manager, class 8 trucks, my industry finds it considerably useful to study traffic patterns and recreational driver habits (that's anyone that doesn't drive commercially). It's a useful exercise in attempting to keep our...
  20. Jeep Slotted above Rubicon

    That will be good for potential buyers above the snow line. Frostbite on the hands and butt can be vicious !!! ... ROFLMFAO