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  1. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    Well, mainly because you probably can't hear the pre-ignition 'knock'. The computer sensors pick up the knock and instantly retard the variable timing to reduce damage to the engine. You likely only hear 'knock' after the timing can't be retarded any more and things are more grenade-like. Some...
  2. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    The turbocharger compresses the intake air prior to the fuel and air mix getting to where the party starts: the combustion chamber. * With more pressure, the fuel and air mix explodes more thus making more power. * With more power per cycle, less fuel is needed to move the vehicle a specific...
  3. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Because this has become such an issue across the JL model line, having a non-converted steering box might be a negative at the time of selling. To me, if it drives nicely, having a lighter steering box is a plus.
  4. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I wanted to spend less than LOD's rates.
  5. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Here's what I was looking for: * Under $500 delivered * Recessed winch mount * Stubby or Mid-width * Welded and braced grill guard * Better than 1/8" steel skid plate * 1" towing/d-ring mounts * Light bar mounts * Came ready to mount (no extra fitment kits needed) * OEM fog light mounts - The...
  6. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    PM sent. Thank you ~
  7. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I installed the Smittybilt $299 XRC bumper. It's the narrow width with a braced and welded grill guard, and winch ready. It's a basic but brutish bumper which Smittybilt said would be perfect for use towing the Jeep behind my RV. I added LOD bumper braces because they looked stout. Liked the...
  8. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Done ;)
  9. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    Vrooom gets replaced with Whooosh
  10. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    Thanks for posting your experience! How did you get the esteemed privilege to test it? Pretty exciting
  11. TSB 08-074-20 for Steering: confessions of a Millenial Driver

    Had I been born 40 years after I actually was, I would have never made it through my teen years due to the complete loss of social responsibility the smartphone created. I would have died multiple times. Interesting confession. Don't downplay India's auto industry. America has been building...
  12. Poll: Did TSB 08-074-20 Fix Your Steering Issues?

    My TSB was done last week. On my 3-mile drive home, it seemed better or different. I went for a 50-mile drive yesterday and found the 1-2" dead spot was still there, and had a couple of odd leftward turns. It was sort of like the alignment just sort of changed then went back. Either way, this...
  13. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    I'm joining the disgruntled line. My TSB box was completed last week and I immediately noticed a dull spot in the steering on my 3-mile trip home. I took it for a 50-mile drive yesterday and the slop was back, but then it started pulling to the left briefly, then it didn't, then it did. How on...
  14. JLUR feels like steering/wheels freezing when turning

    It might be the electronic stabilizing system is sensing slippage (due to the tires having too much or not enough grip) and is applying opposite side/end braking to counter the condition. I would think a ESS indicator would light.
  15. California WTB - JLU fender flares

    Nevada or California I live in Carson City and will travel to pickup the right set of OEM JLU fender flares. Prefer the Billet Silver color, but will consider any painted OEM JLU fender flares with associated parts. Can be Rubicon or the Sahara variants.
  16. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    My sense is a vehicle with 'a Cadillac ride' is like rolling around on heated marshmallows - not my cup of tea. My idea of a great ride is one where the vehicle is responsive, controllable and composed, and does not cause undo discomfort for its class. To me, the Rubicon suspension is near...
  17. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    I have some comparison pictures, though no before/after pictures. I'm 65 and am just not tuned into the social media needs as I should be...
  18. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Yes. both the front and rear Rubicons had about 1/2 wrap less than the Sport. The steel used for the Rubicon is likely stiffer, though not thicker.
  19. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    I just finished installing a Rubicon take-off from RubiTrux with the LCA from the MOPAR 2" kit on my 2018 Sport. Here's what I found: 1) The front Rubicon springs appear to be about the same diameter as the Sport springs. I used calipers and found a minimal increase on the Rubicon. 2) The front...
  20. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    I'm unsure how CarFax gets its data on damage, but it gets the ownership data from various DMVs based on the VIN. I think the damage is reported by a car dealership, a repair shop, or maybe insurance companies. There's probably a fee they pay for a damage report otherwise there wouldn't be an...