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  1. Who is running a 37" on the stock tire carrier?

    Yes I do! :like: And Thanks!
  2. Vehicle sale regrets?

    I don't have any pictures of it but it was a 1971 Chevy Blazer. It had a 4 inch lift, 35 inch tires (big for the day), a rear locker (this was 25 years ago before they were popular), and a 455 Olds motor in it. It was painted bright red. It was named the Beast and it would go anywhere I pointed...
  3. Jumper cables: Need to buy some new ones. Recommendations?

    I went with these. They are copper clad but are 1 gauge. I've started cars with them that other cheaper cables couldn't start and these would fire it right up. I also carry a ARB lithium jump pack. Link
  4. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    That's great they are coming with the Owner's Manuals now!
  5. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    That's just the "Essential Information Guide". The "Owner's Manual" is over an inch thick.
  6. Jump starters: who’s got one and what’s good?

    I have the ARB Jump Starter. I haven't had to use it yet. I bought it in Australia and I'm not sure if it's available in the states. At least I haven't seen it for sale over here. Link
  7. Jacking up a lifted Jeep

    I had the ARB Bushranger X-Jack which is a blow up jack. I carried it for around five years before I went to use it and it was leaking around the valve stem. With my CO2 tank I was able to blow it up (I know you can use the exhaust also) but it wouldn't stay up long enough to help. I was trying...
  8. Jacking up a lifted Jeep

    I got my Safe Jack yesterday. I went with the Sergeant one. It comes in a 50 cal ammo can so I can just put in the back and forget about it and hope I never have to use it. It does seem really well made and looks like it will be very sturdy. I also bought the Universal Bottle Jack Base. It's...
  9. Who is running a 37" on the stock tire carrier?

    Here you go. I'm running the stock rims (I have a JLUR). The upside down hitch is to protect the tire when dropping off ledges.
  10. Tire Browning Help

    I use Dollar Trees "Awesome" soap. It's in a spray bottle. I spray it on, let it sit a couple of minutes and then wipe it off. It's always worked for me.
  11. Who is running a 37" on the stock tire carrier?

    I am. 37" KM3's. The tire rubs up against the bumper when the tailgate is closed which is perfect because it holds the tire steady.
  12. DIY 4-Tire Tire Inflator / Deflator

    No Worries. I hope it works for you.
  13. DIY 4-Tire Tire Inflator / Deflator

    I had the same problem so I went with digital. Pressure Gauge
  14. # of Wranglers you’ve owned

    If my memory serves me right: 1997 TJ 2001 TJ 2005 LJ 2007 JK 2019 JL I've also owned a couple of Cherokees.
  15. Salt Lake Area 4x4 Shops

    Go to and do some searches (based in Wasatch Front). Impulse Off Road would be my go to. I haven't used them in their new shop but Jon Williams did a lot of work for me back when he was at a shop in Logan. Good luck and have fun with the upgrades!
  16. Soft top (bikini)? (Need a quick answer)

    Yeah, mine does stop at the sports bar. I still think you'd be okay. I can't imagine them making it so you couldn't take out the rear window to carry something.
  17. Soft top (bikini)? (Need a quick answer)

    Mine's not the OEM top, I have the Bestop Trektop but I ride like that all the time.
  18. Jacking up a lifted Jeep

    This is the route I went. I bought the "Sergeant" set up that all fits in a 50 caliper ammo can. I also bought the bottle jack base from them.
  19. How did you wire your winch?

    I have a 500 amp welding plug hooked between my battery and the winch. It sits about 12 inches from the battery. When I need the winch I just plug it in. If I'm going to do any serious wheeling I usually plug it in before I start so it can be used if somehow I end upside down. I guess you could...
  20. Heading to Moab Wednesday and Jeep will not crank!! Need Input!

    That sucks! I know you just installed the battery but have you tried unhooking it for a few minutes and then re-hooking it up and see if it does anything? That would be my go-to move if I was having those problems. Good luck getting it going!!!