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  1. 2021 Rubicon 6 Speed Manual Safety Packages

    That is interesting I had ACC on another manual transmission vehicle and when the clutch was depressed it would cancel cruise
  2. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    The 12v is powered off the 400v battery via a dc/dc buck converter 400v->12v. So when the vehicle is in Run mode the contactors close and the 400v battery will charge up the 12v battery via the buck converter. If in ACC mode it will run solely off the 12v and possible to deplete it.
  3. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    The eSave mode’s biggest plus is the “Battery Charge” feature that uses the engine to fully charge your Wrangler 4xe’s battery pack while you’re driving. Jeep says you can get a full charge in about two and a half hours of driving at 45-55 mph...
  4. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    hmm according to the press release " The driver can also choose between Battery Save and Battery Charge during eSave via the Hybrid Electric Pages in the Uconnect monitor "
  5. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    Is there an EV charge mode where you can charge the pack off the generator? if so, how many KW can it output?
  6. 419°F oil temp

    funding secured 420
  7. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    How many regens are you guys getting per 10k miles? Mine regens almost every week
  8. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    lol modern diesels have no visible exhaust fumes at all unless you monkey with the systems
  9. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    I just built two 2021 JL's one a Sport and the other a Rubicon. The Rubicon came with 3.73 gears (which would be the same as the 2020' models) strangely enough the Sport has 3.45 gears. There is no option that I can tell on the Jeep build website to configure an ecodiesel with 4.10's.
  10. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    You can buy a bumper to bumper MVP contract from FCA that covers diesel emissions- just like any other Wrangler. Also the Federal Government mandates a 2/24k emissions warranty, the 3/36k bumper to bumper stacks on top of that... Some states have additional emissions protections (in California...
  11. Does anybody have any regrets for NOT getting a Diesel?

    this is false... you can buy an extended warranty on the ecodiesel that covers emissions
  12. Warranty and Extended Warranty JLURD

    I believe the Yea the 3/36k stacks on top of the 2/24 mandated federal emission warranty. Emission comoponents are excluded from the power train per the diesel supplemental manual. Some states have an emission warranty that stacks on top of the 3/36k like the aforementioned California emission...
  13. Warranty and Extended Warranty JLURD

    Warranties may be worth it for the diesel due to issues with the DEF tank and other related parts which are only covered by the 3/36. Some state emission laws may override this i.e. california 7/70k. Check your local state requirements with regards to extended coverage that may extend your...
  14. Looking into a JLU EcoDiesel order - so anyone on here actually have a good experience with the engine?

    In my situation, plenty of issues with the Diesel but mymajor issue is FCA aka @JeepCares ... no clarity of when parts will be available and what the fixes will be. Some have issues some do not. Most of the issues have to do with the EGR/Aftertreatment /Throttle
  15. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Lots more have problems than those whom have posted. Jeep is not interested in fixing the issues but more interested in telling people to work with dealers when there are no solutions.
  16. She's home!

    Usually occurs on a cold startup, error code is P26FB- EGR valve stuck closed. Is this similar to what is on the facebook group? There is no known fix to it according to FCA
  17. Anyone done the Buyback/lemon Law Program ?

    Had an error code that there is no known fix for and the fix was under development. In fact it is still under development. I came to agreeable terms with FCA and decided not to go through the buyback process. Being that mine is a diesel and getting it spec'd the way I want would take many...
  18. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I think some of these dealers are defrauding FCA on components they claim to be replacing. I took a photo of the paint pen marks on the EGR valve, that was supposedly replaced; by the dealer and the paint pen marks matched exactly on the new purported valve. Got the wrangler back with the...
  19. 2020 JLU EcoDiesel test drive review: Diesel gets a chance to redeem itself (Automobile)

    What is this renegade model for $10,465? The last renegade model on this model line was in the CJ, or perhaps the YJ?
  20. CELeste's first trip to the doctor

    hmm hopefully that is the permanent fix. Looks like this is also happening on the Ram Ecodiesels