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  1. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    I really like the looks of their stuff. I really want an aluminum bumper with recessed winch and a spot for factoy fogs in a stubby, but haven't come across anything and this is the closest for me. Also love the looks of the rear one. Would you buy it again?
  2. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    1300 miles on mine, still buzzing.
  3. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    I'm wondering if for 2021 they combined it. My manual periodically has sections for "diesel engine(If equipped)" and the image you posted is on page 197 in my 2021 manual.
  4. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    Where did you get a diesel supplement? I dont think my 21 came with one.
  5. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I have my headlights set to auto, then when they turn on at night push the stick on the left of the steering wheel away from you once, and it will say auto high beams enabled or disabled and it will retain that setting.
  6. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    I ordered both packages because I wanted the auto high beams and that forced me to get the other two. Ive really started to like the adaptive cruise, however I wish I could change the tolerance of it. I keep it set to the furthest distance but I find it trying maintain that more aggressively...
  7. Frame rust on 2021

    Thought about it, I just dont really trust dealers. On the flip side I'd hate to have some issue down the road denied because it looks like the frame was "modified".
  8. Frame rust on 2021

    Noticed this the other day on my 2021. I have two spots that look like they didn't get painted on the frame. Its basically directly below the mirrors on the doors, one on each side. Anyone else have this? I'm wondering if this is a spot that gets missed in assembly due to the robot or hoist that...
  9. Exhaust Valve Actuator. What does this little guy do?

    I hope I can find one of these magical water sources.
  10. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    Mine sounds like its coming from the same spot. When it shuts off there is another noise that comes from the left side of the engine, like a quick pressure relief. It was too brief for me to be able to locate Loud even with the hood closed.
  11. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    I have the noise. It happens every time I shut it off. Im under the impression it is normal and as designed however I wish it wasn't so loud. Edit: mine is a 2021
  12. 3.0 Fuses

    Had a large number not fully seated on my 21 when I picked mine up.
  13. 2021 JLURD delivered 9/29/2020

    Gotcha. I'm going more for a hard mount on the mirror and then probably tap power from up there too.
  14. 2021 JLURD delivered 9/29/2020

    Curious how you mounted the radar. Looking at mounting my V1 but haven't spent much time looking yet. I have the advanced safety package so not sure how that is going to play in but the mounts on my other cars won't work on the mirror stem so I need to come up with something else.
  15. 419°F oil temp

    Nope didn't drive it that day. Trans and engine temp are basically the same as ambient temp. Oh well
  16. 419°F oil temp

    Obviously not real, but I went into my garage the other day to play around with the settings in uconnect with the engine off and when I got to the accessory gauges I saw this. Not really concerned about it but curious what everyone else's shows.
  17. Buzzing sound after shutdown

    I was wondering the same thing. Good to know!
  18. People that had issues with EcoDiesel

    Just under 200 miles so not a great data point but no problems other than my face hurting from smiling when I drive it.
  19. Filler Neck Adapter

    Mine came in a plastic bag by the jack on my 2021