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  1. Sting Gray - Black Leather or Tan Leather

    We have a tan leather interior on our Audi Q5. It has held up well, and combined with a medium brown dash & surrounding surfaces makes for a calm feeling. Our 2010 Prius with a very dark gray interior feels mine shaft gloomy.
  2. What option did you give up?

    Have spec'd a Sport + but am waiting for the aftermarket to build new items and inventory. I'm hoping that a rear unit on the hardtop will be available with separate side panels and real glass windows--lighter weight, better visibility.
  3. JL Unlimited Freedom Hard Top Questions

    Thanks. Any idea how to contact him about doing such a job?
  4. JL Unlimited Freedom Hard Top Questions

    Someone posted a series of modification steps in raking apart the rear sectionof the hardtop, and converting it into three smaller units with real glass rear quarter windows Looked great but I lost the thread. Can anyone point to that?
  5. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    Thanks. Also seems a considerable savings over factory order.
  6. How To Install Running Boards - JLU

    Have the running boards proved helpful for entering and exiting?
  7. How many oncoming drivers getting ticked with the JL LED headlights

    Is it a simple matter to adjust LED headlight elevation on a JL?
  8. Renegade MySky Technology to JL(U/T) Hardtop

    Thanks, RussJeep1 and others. I'm in no hurry, so I'll wait around to see what aftermarket solutions may offer, or maybe FCA is there is enough demand .
  9. Renegade MySky Technology to JL(U/T) Hardtop

    Thanks, but a hardtop is probably necessary since my vehicle would have to live its life out in the elements all the time.
  10. Renegade MySky Technology to JL(U/T) Hardtop

    I would like a body-color hardtop with removable rear side windows made of real glass, not plastic. A possible factory variation or from a third party vendor?
  11. JLU rear side windows previewed on Jeep Safari Concept?

    Are the side rear windows on the JLU body colored Freedom top mad of glass, polycarbonate (or other heavy duty material) , or just plastic? If not glass, are glass ones available from other suppliers?
  12. Power Top Does NOT Leak, BUT..

    Any third party providers of hard tops that bear looking into?
  13. Dual Top or Soft Top Only?

    I'm tending toward the hard top. I keep my vehicles outside with lots of seasonal changes in weather (Eastern Shore of Maryland). Also parking area is under pine trees which can drop sap, needles, and. sometimes, limbs.
  14. Tan Interior best with ??? Exterior

    Agree with foresty green and tan interior