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  1. Recon Offroad Australia - anyone use them?

    Hello fellow jeepers, I was wandering around the net and went down the jeep accessories blackhole. I came across a place called Recon Offroad Australia. Looks like they have a lot of gear and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this company? Thanks for your input and have a...
  2. Bullbars in Australia?

    Nice number plate!
  3. Bullbars in Australia?

    Ripper; great news! thanks for the heads up.
  4. Dash cams for soft top - What should I get?

    Hello fellow Jeepers, Just wondering about the above? What dash cam should I get for my Soft top? . I also have the hard top but the soft top is on like 10 months of the year. I would like a double camera so I can check out the front and also out the back.
  5. Bullbars in Australia?

    Hello All, Happy Jeeping! Just wondering what everyone is running out front. I have a Sport S and still have the basic front bar. I am looking at what I can replace it with - but the answer is not much. ARB only has the Rubi bumper ready to go. Not sure if there are many others ADR...
  6. JT pricing

    All I can say is WOW! I thought the JL was dear. Okay so there is a bit more of it but still - competition is going to be tough here in Oz for it.
  7. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    Hey you guys are lucky, Down here in OZ you can not buy a manual or a 2 door Rubi (or any basic Sport) models. I Ordered my Hellayella 2 door Sports S back in Feb and got it in June. And yes of course I am loving it!
  8. ARB Gear for Aussie Delivered JL Wrangler

    Hey Joe, check out this video: I am doing something similar but splitting it up into f4 quarters for more convenience. Mine is coming along slowly .
  9. Has anyone seen a soft top window storage bag in Australia?

    Hello Rubileon, Not first time jeep owner but I use it for work so I can not just throw them in the back. I usually just leave them out and go Safari but the weather is a bit raining at the moment.
  10. Aftermarket goodies in Australia

    Hello All, Just checking in. I thought I would just ask what has everyone brought for their new toy in terms of aftermarket. I see ARB has finally released some stuff. Otherwise as you mostly know there is not a lot of other Australian goodies at the moment just mostly overseas items. I have...
  11. Has anyone seen a soft top window storage bag in Australia?

    I was at Jeep today booking in for my 12,000KM service and I checked with the parts area. Not on the Mopar system in Australia. It figures. I am going to do a cheap and quick one by using a large piece of cardboard and then bend it over to protect the windows then hang it off the headrests. I...
  12. Has anyone seen a soft top window storage bag in Australia?

    Hello all, Happy jeepin' I recently put on a soft top on "Sunshine" and would like to carry the windows when the top is down so I can save it from getting drenched but so far I have not been able to find a bag to store them in. Any ideas? A quick fix I am thinking off is to sling a cord...
  13. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Hello all, from down under My plate is simple, It is a mix on letters and numbers so it only costs $109.00 per year in Sydney Australia. It is JL.19.JP. I had a TJ and it was called MUDDOG, but at $434. per year I let it go with the jeep when I sold it. Love the ingenuity of the plates I am...
  14. MOPAR accessories

    Good stuff! now lets hope the rest will follow - come on ARB!
  15. Sun shades : solid or mesh? match vehicle colour?

    Thanks guy for your input. I was leaning towards mesh as it seems more open.I didn't think about the flapping, so there's that as well.
  16. Sun shades : solid or mesh? match vehicle colour?

    Hello all, Just got a soft top for Sunshine and was wondering which sun shade would be best? - lets hear your thought? Do the mesh stop most of the rays or is solid better? is it worth colour matching or is that just over the top? Which top do you prefer? Thanks in advance. Rick
  17. MOPAR accessories

    Wow that's pricey for the lock. I am wondering if you can complain to the ACCC for false advertising. Maybe you should threaten that and see if they will play ball. Why do you want the lock. is it for piece of mind? I owned a TJ for over 10 years and drove all over Sydney as part of my job. It...
  18. Anyone selling a complete 2 door soft top in Australia?

    Hello Joe, I rang the dealer I brought Sunshine from (Tynans at Kirrawee). The phone call bounced between the receptionist and the parts area about 6 times with no answer from the parts area. I got fed up and rang Heartland at Churolla. I left a message and the guy(Daniel I think) rang me back...
  19. Anyone selling a complete 2 door soft top in Australia?

    Thread can be closed. I have now brought a soft top from the dealer.
  20. MOPAR accessories

    Yes Hugh, it is heartland. I brought my Jeep from Tynan's at Kirrawee, but I am not impressed by their customer service. As I mentioned earlier their parts area didn't pick up in over 7 minutes. Good luck.