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  1. OBD2 Tuners

    Talking about something like this
  2. OBD2 Tuners

    There are obd2 chips that claim to work with the ECU and change tuning
  3. Break-in period, who follows it?

    I've been breaking them in the right way since I was a kid.
  4. OBD2 Tuners

    Do any of these 'tuners' improve performance on a jl?
  5. Preventing Spare Tire Theft

    Take my wheel, Skippy. Go ahead.
  6. Winter is coming! ** New style hood latches jamming up with snow and ice **

    Mopar Ice Remover Spray (lighter not included) Part#8675309
  7. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    Regardless of brand, will all of these valves completely drain all of the oil in the pan? If not, how much would be left behind?
  8. Battery/Stop-Start Issue

    Sounds like one or both batteries are taking a dump
  9. Heat in winter in north east

    The heat is ample but a bit overengineered.
  10. How To: PCM Swap/Unlock your 3.6L JL

    What kind of upgraded performance are you experiencing?
  11. Rocket Chip OBD2 Tuner

    Anyone have any experience with these? They plug into OBD2 vs flashing or swapping ECM.
  12. 5,000 Mile Reliability Poll

  13. 3.6 l Engine Oil Type

    At what mileage do YOU change your oil? Thanks!
  14. Winter grille cover

    Mopar Propane Engine Heater Part 867-5309
  15. How To: PCM Swap/Unlock your 3.6L JL

    Do you feel a large performance boost?
  16. Annoying plastic rattle

    I would use a zipperless body bag
  17. Jump starters: who’s got one and what’s good?

    i have a 2019. Disconnect aux negative and jump main. You will throw a code which can be cleared with a obd11 reader and torque software.
  18. You Get What You Pay For..

    Crash testing the new Ford Bronco
  19. Is it odd for the fan to not be running?

    My fan was noisy so I removed it.
  20. LED Light option; worth it?

    In downtown Phoenix I get flashed constantly. And I'm walking.